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May 06, 2023
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Age of Wonders 4 lets you create your own fantasy realm! Discover new magical realms with Age of Wonder's signature combination of turn-based tactical combat and 4X strategy. Each time you expand your empire, your faction grows and changes.

As it evolves into a new era of empire-building, role-playing, and warfare, Triumph Studios' award-winning strategy series emerges into a new era. This game adds a new chapter to your ever-growing saga each time you play because it features a new storytelling event system and highly customizable empires.

A powerful wizard king has returned to mortal realms to rule as a god among mortals. Prepare for a battle that will determine the future of the ages by claiming and mastering the Tomes of Magic.

About Age Of Wonders 4 APK

As a 4X, turn-based strategy game, Age of Wonders 4 takes place in a fantasy environment. The story driving Age of Wonders 4 follows the same storyline as Age of Wonders 3: previously banished wizard kings return even stronger than before to reign as gods (called Godirs) among mortals. In fact, they aren't only after one world, since they want access to many other inhabited worlds connected by the Astral Sea. 

If you play as a wizard king, you have the option to either take over as many worlds as possible or be one of the champions of one of the races. It means that every time a new game is played, a new environment is generated, varying from snowy worlds to barren realms.

Your heroes and armies are set off on a conquest with your heroes and armies, and most of the game is spent looking at the strategic game map. In fact, the map is two-tiered, since it has both an underground and a surface level. The option to turn-based tactical battles is available to you, or you can auto-resolve them. 

There are a number of similarities between this game and Total War games. There are a number of resources that you can use on the campaign map to balance spending and investing. Long-term planning, race evolution, diplomacy, and tactical battles require imperium, mana, gold, and knowledge. Producing food, building buildings, and training new units are only important for growing your cities and building new units as fast as possible.

Expand your empire and ascend to rulership

In Age Of Wonders 4 APK, 4X strategy, and tactical combat come together in a game that's good for strategy fans. Exploration, diplomacy, and warfare are part of the strategy you'll use to expand your empire. Featuring highly customizable empires with followers, powerful magic tomes, and the physical evolution of units, the game allows you to customize your empire as you see fit. 

Each choice in Age of Wonders 4 opens up a new possibility and provides a tactical advantage. A tactical turn-based battle enables armies to come alive, and each battle poses a unique challenge. An unexpected level of storytelling is added by the new event system, making it highly replayable.

Imagine your wildest fantasies as an empire

Using societal traits, bodily forms, and arcane powers, you can create followers that fit your vision. Recreate your favorite fantasy tropes, from halfling clans to mystic moon elves

Become the master of magic by searching for powerful tomes of magic! Change your people into angelic or chaotic beings to confront your enemies. Your legacy will be woven into the very fabric of the realm through brutal domination, cunning alliances, and ultimate arcane knowledge!

Role-playing meets strategy in a whole new way

In a deep, multilayered strategy, you have the option to use new tactics or explore new powers at every turn; every decision offers new possibilities and tactical advantages

You can showcase your armies' power in a strategic turn-based battle, where decisions shape the environment. Whether it's a skirmish between monsters and a large siege between dozens of units, with a morale system and more, each battle brings a unique challenge.

There are numerous empires, units, and environments to choose from, providing endless replay value. With Age of Wonders, the series' moddability and openness have never been greater

In a world that is vast and reactive, make your mark

Create your own realm or explore new ones with each game! Play in ice queen-ruled wastelands and abandoned ruins where dragons roam, or create new combinations of locations and features.

A new event system allows 4X games to tell unexpected stories. From growing cities to roaming armies and magic effects that warp the world, your decisions shape the world around you.

Don't stop after you win or lose - your empire's story isn't over! Discover ways to customize your experience by ascending your rulers to a pantheon in the game. In subsequent games, you'll get to know your creations as potential enemies or allies.

Age Of Wonders 4 APK includes the following features

Game modes include:

Besides the single-player mode, Age of Wonders 4 includes a multiplayer mode as well. In online matches, players compete against each other from around the world.

Spells and armies of diverse types: 

There are many troops and spells available in the game for the player to use in battle. There are many different armies available to create, as well as magic skills that can be developed.

The Building of the Empire: 

As players expand territories and fight for territories, they can build their own empires. A player's empire can also grow by building structures and improving its infrastructure.

Graphics of the highest quality: 

In Age of Wonders 4 APK, you can enjoy stunning 3D graphics, as well as special effects for combat and magic.