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Crazy Penguin Catapult APK 1.1.25 Download for Android

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Shareware Games
1.1.25 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 30, 2023
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Required Android:
6.0 and up
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This action-adventure game for mobile devices is called Crazy Penguin Catapult. it is a fun casual game to play.

The goofy animations and music in Crazy Penguin Catapult APK will certainly make you smile even when it can make you rage.

These shenanigans have reached a dangerous level this time around. You have to guide the remaining penguins into battle to rescue them from the trap that they've placed and kidnapped some of your fellow penguins, besides the usual snowball bombardment.

Play Crazy Penguin on your mobile device for an addictive, simple, and classic experience

As well as being pioneers in touch mechanics, the first games developed for mobile devices had simple gameplay styles and goals that just attempted to entertain players for a short period of time and adapt to the mobile environment as best they could. 

About Crazy Penguin Catapult APK

It is an adventure game where you play as a penguin battling evil polar bears with the help of a catapult, then launch your allies to the other side of the map.

The mechanics of the game are extremely simple since only the catapult's firing power and the moment of each penguin's attack will need to be controlled since the physics of the game will do the rest. It will, however, be more difficult as each level progresses, similar to classic games like Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies.


There are two stages in each level: in the first, the player must throw penguins through a gap in the wall using a catapult. A player who survives stage one is then brought to stage two, where he drops penguins into a polar bear area, using diving penguins to knock them out. The bouncy bodies of penguins are often needed to get through ice-block structures where polar bears hide. There is a limit to how many bounces a penguin can make.

The introduction cutscene shows polar bears kidnapping and aging several penguins, similar to the one from Angry Birds. Each mission is rewarded with up to three stars based on the player's performance. A permanent upgrade can be unlocked with the purchase of fire rings, which melt ice by placing penguins on flames, the rubber penguin upgrade, which gives two extra bounces, or twins, triplets, and quadruplets, which add to the total number of penguins that can be catapulted. A boss fight with a bear with more health points is at the end of each of the three sections of the world. 

Take part in snowball fights with... penguins

With the help of your military technology, you've developed a very powerful catapult that uses penguins in place of bullets to take revenge on the bears. Your mission is to locate every polar bear hideout and remove it.

You will have six penguin recruits before each level who are eager to join the fun. There is no doubt about it by their cheerful disposition and their helmets from World War I. Catapulting them to bear ice fortresses is guaranteed to reach them, but if you don't, you won't have as many as you thought.

An enjoyable and simple mechanic

There is nothing complicated about Crazy Penguin Catapult APK gameplay. A total of six penguins are available for you to launch at the beginning of every round; those who make it through the launch phase will proceed toward the bear camp.

During their slow flight over the bears, you must give them the order to bombard them. There is a certain number of enemies that must be hit in order to pass each level, but if you hit them all, you will get a perfect score. It can be challenging to take down the bears' ice forts as you progress, and you have to start over if you fail a level.

There are many features in the Crazy Penguin Catapult

An easy-to-use and versatile mechanism

Based on what we have discussed above, Crazy Penguin Catapult APK is only capable of being controlled using touch. With all of its levels being able to be played without an internet connection or state-of-the-art processing, it can run on any device without affecting performance even with multiple apps open or poor video quality. You have a limited amount of mobile data.

Graphics inspired by classic arcade games

Despite its simple and old graphics, Crazy Penguin Catapult APK will not disappoint nostalgia fans since its settings, music, and sound effects remain intact. Making it more than a mobile game, and an unforgettable experience for veterans.

There are several levels

In addition to increasing the difficulty progressively, Crazy Penguin Catapult APK will constantly change settings, music, and characters, as was customary in old-skill video games.

Crazy Penguin APK's latest version also features automatic synchronization, which allows users to recover their progress across devices by logging on to their accounts.

The following customization is available

Although Crazy Penguin APK is not an emulator of old games, you can access some quite modern features within its settings menu that allow you to change the game's color range, format, pixel quality, and volume very quickly.

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