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Dezor APK - Web Browser 1.1.2 Download for Android

App By:
Dezor SA
1.1.2 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 20, 2023
80.8 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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In the course of time, technology becomes more advanced, and old technologies are replaced with new ones. Browsers won't change much as new technologies are coming.

There are many hidden features in the browser that will help you, but knowing about the browser is important as it is not only used for internet surfing.

Having a secure browser is essential. It can also perform a number of other functions to help its users with their daily tasks as well as in their free time. A lot of work is being done on a browser to support our creativity, according to the creator.

Despite changes in the way we use the Internet, the browser has largely remained the same. We're seeing all sorts of advancements in our other software tools, such as collaboration features, flexible interfaces, and powerful features, but the browser is still essentially the same as it was 25 years ago.

We can accomplish much more with Dezor, it can fuel our creativity, and it can work for us. Designed so that the internet in 2022 works the way we want it to and is capable of laying the foundation for how it will operate in the future.

About Dezor APK

There is now a free version of Dezor for Android, Mac, and Windows, which is a cross-platform web browser with VPN and ad-blocking features.

There is no shortage of browser extensions designed to prevent you from being bombarded with too much online advertising. They are all free, so they are all available for download. VPNs, however, require us to spend more money each month to conceal our IP address.

This new browser will save you tons of time and money. In the default configuration, the VPN server is activated. As well as an ad blocker that is already included. For rendering pages, Dezor uses Webview, just like Google Chrome (iOS), Safari, and Firefox. External browsers must use WebView, which is specified by Apple. To ensure uniform rendering across the board, WebView was chosen as the global solution.

The browser is the window through which we view the entire world

A developer can easily create his or her own add-on by using the SDK. MediaHub extensions must, however, comply with the standard to function. Coders can let their imaginations run wild if they so choose.

Best Features

  • Flexible interface
  • Integrated VPN and AdBlocker are available
  • Private browsing
  • Get more features from simple browsers

You don't have to strain your eyes with Dezor's dark theme

When we ran our tests, we immediately noticed how fast the browser was. DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Google, or Bing can be entered at the top, as can an Internet address, as with other browsers. There are three dots on the far right that call up the menu. The Settings menu is also available there.

This trend is on the rise, with four languages currently available. Operating system settings are taken into account when the theme is applied. With our dark theme, you won't have trouble seeing the content. At any time, you can change the look if you prefer a brighter one.

Free VPN activated, self-explanatory operation

Simply click on the sign to enable or disable the free VPN. You can figure out how it works by yourself. During development, there were no frills used by the programming team. A crypto wallet is an exotic feature you may want to look for elsewhere if you are looking for it.

Final words

Besides that, it performs as it should: provides a quick, enjoyable surfing experience without needing manual input. It is possible for you to learn about the scope of services if you wish.

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