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Exquisite Fishing APK 1.07 latest Version download free

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1.07 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 04, 2023
44 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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In Exquisite Fishing Game, you can enjoy fishing in a casual environment. Your fishing skills will have to be improved to the max to catch every creature in this adventure! Those deep depths hold some amazing creatures you don't want to miss.

Get the most money from selling your fish by throwing your lure and catching as many as you can. Find new creatures by upgrading your gear and exploring unexplored seas!

There are many hentai animations and casual challenges in this game, designed to help you relax and enjoy life.

Stunning graphics and music

Exquisite Fishing APK is a beautifully rendered and lively game with top-notch graphics and music. A very impressive landscape is created under the sea, on the beach, and at the bottom of the sea.

Diverse fishing system

There are many types of bait and tools available in the game for players to use while fishing. From adorable small fish to majestic giants, there are many types of fish that have different shapes and colors.

Exploration experience

Experiencing beautiful islands, keeping a close eye on the seabed, and exploring different seas can all be done with the game. Exquisite Fishing Android APK has a variety of seascapes and fish species, each with its own unique characteristics.

Various Missions and Challenges

Throughout the game, the player will be required to complete several missions and challenges. A variety of goals and difficulties are available in these missions, such as catching a specific type of fish and learning about the characters' pasts.

Upgrade your equipment

Fishing rods, bait, and fishing boats can all be upgraded to catch fish that are harder to catch. Playing this game requires this upgrade in order to progress.

Shop and trade

Fish, bait, and equipment are all available for sale in the game's in-game shop. Earning money and improving your equipment is important in the game.

Offline play mode

If you don't have access to the internet, you can still play the game offline, which will help you relax and entertain yourself.

Unique Features of Exquisite Fishing APK Latest Version

  • Nudity or sexual content
  • The game includes only consensual scenes
  • There are a variety of different biomes in the ocean
  • A collection of unique H-animations
  • There is an amazing shop here
  • Watching at work is not recommended
  • Children under the age of 18 should not watch
  • It is over 18 years old for all characters in the game

Interface, graphics on the game

A stunning view of the sea

Put your eyes closed and picture a quiet beach with fine white sand, gentle ocean waves, and sparkling sunlight. As players relax on the beach, they will feel as if they are on a real seashore with this game.

Details of the seabed and marine plants

Designed in extreme detail, Exquisite Fishing APK's seabed creates a truly immersive experience. The underwater world is vivid and beautiful, with corals, rocks, and plants of different shapes and colors.

Species of fish and sea animals

The design of sea animals, particularly fish, is also very beautiful and diverse. A fish's unique shape, color, and expression make it more lively and interesting than ever before.

Light and weather

The magnificent fishing APK also accurately reproduces the weather and light. Every change in the weather can create a fascinating and unique fishing experience, from bright sunshine to warm sunsets or even showers.

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