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1.00.31 for Android
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Aug 12, 2023
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5.1 and up
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Experience innovation like never before in a next-generation strategy game. Featuring awe-inspiring colossi, ranged attacks, aerial units, and awe-inspiring terrain, prepare for thrilling battles.

Your ultimate victory lies in finding and exploiting countless enigmatic secrets on the battlefield itself. You can harness these hidden truths and emerge triumphant as a conqueror if you unleash your strategic genius.

In spite of this, victory cannot be achieved solely through warfare. You now have the chance to rebuild and restore your territory to its former glory after the devastating Chaps invasion.

Exploring diverse themes will allow you to customize all aspects of your territory as you unleash your creative side.

As your allegiances shift, finding like-minded liege lords who share your goals is imperative. Make mighty alliances that provide tangible benefits, as well as camaraderie. Resources will be gathered more efficiently, armies trained faster, and research will be conducted more swiftly with the aid of your allies.

About GRAND CROSS: Age of Titans APK

Here you will experience an epic battle in real time. Deimonas, Master of Chaos, has invaded the peaceful world of Skyna in the game. There was a hero born into this world when everything seemed lost: you. You will be taken on your adventure in GRAND CROSS: Age of Titans at this point. This Master of Chaos will not only threaten your city but also the world. Consequently, resources are needed and, of course, you must eliminate any threats.

Users from around the world help you with heroes, soldiers, and allies. Taking part in epic battles alongside other players will ensure that you receive the best rewards in GRAND CROSS: Age of Titans APK. Because this is a strategy game, you need to select the right troops for the occasion. As a result, you'll be able to level up and obtain skills to help you win with a range of heroes.

An Advanced Tactics Game for Next-Generation Strategy

Introducing a multiplayer strategy game that focuses on tactical prowess. A wide range of units, from fully customized troops to real-time controls. In addition to introducing titan-sized mecha weapons and tide-turning Liege Skills, the game also introduces tide-turning Liege Skills. Each player's strategy and tactics must be crafted to emerge victorious on the Skyna battlefield, which is both varied and unpredictable.

In the end, Titans are the ultimate weapon

Make use of Titan's powerful special skills in a strategic manner. It is possible for these Titans to turn the tide of battle despite all obstacles. Titans can save your life when you are facing dangerous situations, pulling you out of danger.

The story unfolds in the style of a webtoon

The gameplay unfolds in a manner similar to that of a webtoon. A curious world awaits Eugene and Mio in Skyna, where the unlikely heroes are unexpectedly transported. As the pair embark on their journey, they encounter various companions and struggle with various challenges within the Skyna realm. An engaging webtoon format is used for this captivating story, complete with hundreds of panels.

Thrive in the Castle War alongside your alliance

Form a powerful alliance by joining forces with other players. As the final stage of the monumental Castle War approaches, victory is the only thing that remains. Your allies and you can take the throne of the kingdom together. As you battle to emerge victorious from the fierce battles of the Castle War, you will face countless foes and experience a series of challenging trials.

Craft Your Territory to Survive Destruction

Discover a post-destruction landscape marked by Chaos invasions. You have been assigned the task of rebuilding the territory from the ground up. Create a territory tailored to your preferences by mixing and matching a variety of themes and customizable buildings.

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