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0.38 for Android
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Sep 12, 2023
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5.0 and up
Visual Novel

The visually captivating Grandma's House APK, developed by MoonBox, takes you on a journey filled with love, humor, and unexpected adventures. Taking on the role of an evicted college student, players embark on an unforgettable and heartwarming journey. Players shape the story through their choices and get to know a diverse cast of characters in Grandma's House, a game with quests, drama, romance, and a dash of humor.


Grandma's House places players in the shoes of college students facing eviction from their current residence. His housing crisis leads him to move in with his warm and loving grandmother, which he hopes will provide him with a solution to his housing problem. Neither he nor his friends know what lies ahead in the course of this seemingly ordinary decision.


In the game, players are able to make choices that shape the story in a compelling visual novel-like experience. You'll encounter a broad range of interactions and scenarios during your time at your grandmother's house, from humor-filled interactions to genuinely emotional moments. The game's narrative is woven from a variety of unexpected situations.

Grandma's House APK features:

Compelling Narrative

As a result of Grandma's House's humorous, dramatic, and romantic narrative, players will remain engaged throughout.

The cast of diverse characters

Discover enchanting women's individual personalities and stories as you interact with a diverse cast of characters.

Player Choices

Multiple branching paths and endings enhance replayability as a result of your choices.

Moments that melt the heart

Enjoy moments of genuine affection and connection between the protagonist and his grandmother during gameplay.

The advantages include:

Unique Storytelling

It offers players a fresh and memorable experience within the visual novel genre with Grandma's House APK for Android.

Varied Gameplay

With a balance of humor, drama, and romance, the game caters to the interests of a wide range of players.


It allows players to explore various storylines and outcomes by revisiting the game multiple times.


The Grandma's House APK is a game that offers players a truly heartwarming and unique experience. You'll be taken on an unexpected journey filled with twists and touching moments as the game combines humor, drama, and romance. By making choices that shape the story, you'll discover relationships between family and love and gain a deeper understanding of the characters. Discover a world of unforgettable experiences with this amazing game.

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