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1.0 for Android
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May 04, 2023
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7.0 and up
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You can use Kaiber.ai APK to create beautiful music videos, animated still photographs, and much more.

In Kaiber, it is possible to create videos based on written descriptions or still images. A Spotify Canvas provides musicians with a new form of expression, motivates artists, generates content for makers, and entertains futurists as it allows them to test artificial intelligence.

The new platform makes it possible to animate still images in a given way, regardless of whether they were created by artificial intelligence or real shots. Animated visuals can be controlled by following prompts provided by the application. An uploaded photo is then selected, an animation style selected, and height, width, and direction adjustments made.

Composing and performing music

Kaiber.ai can be very useful for making music videos. Using the tools provided by Kaiber, users can create animated and transformable images by uploading their own music. Using this tool, the opening scene of the story depicted an explosion.

The highly-styled photos of Kaiber are available only in eight different styles at the moment. Despite the fact that this piece of software is more suitable to animate cartoons and anime, it is still possible to animate real-life images with it.

You can preview your style before you begin the generator in about thirty seconds. If your animation is longer, you will be able to see it in less time.

Kaiber.ai APK has some interesting features

Before downloading or using the Caliber AI APK application, you should know about its interesting features. Among them are the following:

Templates and styles in various formats

Depending on your needs, Caliber AI provides you with a variety of templates and styles. You can choose from a variety of styles including anime, concept art, impressionism, and more. Furthermore, to make the process of creating projects easier, there are many template options available.

Generating videos with artificial intelligence

Automatically producing high-quality videos is possible with Caliber AI's advanced artificial intelligence technology. Users can then create videos quickly and easily without having to be skilled in doing so.

This feature is part of the SpotifyCanvas Generator

In addition to SpotifyCanvas Generator, Kaiber.ai APK offers a Spotify-boosting tool for musicians. A user can create an animated image for the Spotify application that is unique and attractive.

Setup options that can be customized

A user's projects can be organized using Caliber AI based on their preferences. In addition to the duration and dimensions of the project, users can adjust the camera movement, use effects, and add filters to their projects.

Interface with a user-friendly design

New users can quickly understand and use Kaiber AI's user interface because it is easy to understand and use.

An original song should be made into a video

A song can be uploaded, a video concept selected, and a visual style chosen to create the music video of your dreams. Our studio residents can benefit from the same resources we provide.

Useful and easy to use

Changing the camera perspective in your video can be accomplished by controlling the camera movement. Let your imagination lead you to lengthen your movie.

Videos can be created using Kaiber's video creation tool by using pictures or descriptions from the user. Through tools such as Spotify Canvas, ideas for artists, material for producers, and entertainment for futurists, it allows users to express themselves uniquely and explore the limitations of AI capabilities. Kaiber is completely free and does not require credit cards.

The Kaiber artificial intelligence technology enables users to manipulate still images and create stunning videos, including music videos, with ease.

Creating Videos from IMages

With the new platform, static images can be animated, no matter if they are AI-generated or not. Animated graphics can be animated using prompts, which can be controlled by users. The process consists of four steps: uploading an image, choosing a style, specifying how the animation should work, and then modifying settings such as length and size.

Let's create music videos

A Kaiber application shines brightest when used to create music videos. Using Kaiber's tools, users can input music and have it analyzed before generating graphics that shift and develop according to the music.

This stunning music video by Linkin Park was produced with the help of Kaiber.ai APK. Using it to animate explosions in a story started quite well, I put it to the test.

The pictures on Kaiber, on the other hand, are extremely stylized and are available in only eight different styles. It's difficult to imagine how the software would work to animate a photograph of a real-life scene, even though it is most suitable for animating anime and animation.

It depends on how long your animation is and how long the creation process can take. Nevertheless, a quarter-minute preview of the style is available before the generation process begins.

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