Mdickie Old School Mod APK

Mdickie Old School Mod APK 1.0.4 Download for Android

App By:
1.0.4 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 23, 2023
213.7 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Enjoy Old School graphics in 3D, bringing back timeless fun from your School Days!

About Mdickie Old School Mod APK

This is a simulation game developed by MDickie. In this classic video games were reborn as Old School, a robot to the mobile game "School Days", featuring new sections from the original video game.

To succeed, take classes regularly and take responsibility for every step of the way. Become a student who attends a full schedule of classes. Students from hundreds of other schools walk the halls, and a popularity contest proves to be equally important.

Feel the nostalgia of school with classic-style graphics that evoke a three-dimensional environment. Establish a rigorous class schedule and build a relationship with your professors so that you can accumulate the necessary knowledge to graduate. It is also equally challenging to stand out in a crowd of other students, whether you want to or not.

You will enjoy exploring the various locations around the school and becoming familiar with the numerous interactive objects in this 3D game. To view the action from different angles, you can also adjust the camera perspective.

Using an editor, you can customize the world to suit your preferences or choose from a variety of preset characters. Additionally, you'll be able to teach what you've learned to others as an interesting twist.

Anytime you need support from fellow players, they can join the game and work with you or compete against you.

Features of Mdickie Old School Mod APK

  • You will experience each minute of each day in uninterrupted real-time.
  • Thousands of pre-defined characters are available, or you can create your own.
  • Take part in an array of subjects, allowing ample time to engage in real-world discussions.
  • At any given time, you can establish connections with hundreds of students.
  • Professional wrestling-inspired combat system to defend yourself.
  • You can navigate your day using an extensive range of interactive accessories.
  • With fully interactive vehicles, you can explore dozens of different locations.
  • Take a look at 3D action from a variety of angles.
  • At any time, other controllers can join in on the fun, either to help or hinder.
  • You can relive your school days after graduation by becoming a teacher.

Customizable Characters

Throughout 2023, Old School for Android will offer a wide range of customizable characters, allowing players to personalize their heroes as they wish. You can design characters that truly stand out when you play Old School mod APK. In addition to skin-deep customization, a host of accessories are available to enhance the aesthetics of your character and boost their stats in-game.

A cunning rogue or a noble knight, you can choose how your character navigates the enchanting realms. Throughout the narrative, your choices ripple through and shape the narrative in a unique way.

Open-World Gameplay

You will find yourself in an expansive open world in Mdickie Old School Mod APK latest version, a game that stretches the boundaries of traditional gaming. Thrilling landscapes teem with untold stories and hidden lore await adventurers here. A truly unique narrative experience is created by the interconnected quests and regions.

Multiple Storylines

In order to appeal to a wide variety of players, the game offers multiple narratives. This captivating world allows players to choose their own path, providing a personal stake.

Combat System 

Players are challenged to think strategically in Old School's combat mode. Strategy and cunning are as important as brute force. Your every move could have a profound effect on the outcome of the battle. Each adversary demands a unique strategy for defeating in the game.

Its features weave together a masterpiece that continuously evolves with its community of adventurers through each thread in the tapestry. In this open world, the possibilities are endless, making it a truly memorable gaming experience.

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