Suika Game APK (スイカゲーム)

Suika Game APK (スイカゲーム) Download for Android

App By:
PopIn Inc.
Version: for Android
Updated On:
Oct 03, 2023
9 MB
Required Android:
4.0 and up
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With Suika Game APK, you can combine two small fruits and grow them into a huge watermelon.

Keep similar fruits from overflowing from the box by hitting them against each other. You may have difficulty overfilling watermelon if you hit it against another fruit.? If you use fruit against fruit, the type of fruit will change. ? Attempt to reach the top of the rankings and have fun!

Online Suika Game gives you an exciting visual experience with colorful graphics and sharp graphics. This game has everything from unique playing patterns to carefully designed watermelons, all of which will captivate you from the very first moment.

It is challenging and diverse levels that you will encounter in the game. Assist the watermelons by cutting them off without letting them fall. Each level requires you to be focused and agile as you slash with precision and tactical slashing.

Fun missions and puzzles will keep you occupied forever, along with hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty.

Enjoy stunning graphics and addictive gameplay in this fun puzzle game. Join your friends and family for moments of refreshing entertainment by downloading now!

Features of Suika Game APK For Android

Among the game's outstanding features are:

Stunning graphics and sound

With its crisp, beautiful graphics and bright colors, Suika Game APK creates an outstanding visual experience. Watermelon sounds and background music create a vibrant and exciting environment, making you feel like you are really in the midst of a watermelon paradise.

Diverse levels

Levels in this game increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, there is something for you. It is therefore suitable for all types of players to download this game.

Diverse missions

The gameplay experience is varied and exciting because each level has its own mission. You'll always find something new to discover, from cutting watermelons to solving complex puzzles.

Unique weapons

You can choose from many different weapons in the Suika Game APK Latest version. You can choose the right tool for any situation, from simple sticks to special knives and weapons.

Game modes of varying complexity

There are a number of special game modes, including limited-time and infinite modes, as well as many others to challenge your playing skills.

Bright colors

The game has an outstanding reputation for using bright colors that grab the attention of users. Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the vibrant green plants, bright red watermelon, and blue sky at first sight. Watermelon Game prefers this color arrangement because it creates an exciting and fun atmosphere.

Unique art style

An appealing art style distinguishes the game. From the level design to the animation, everything is presented in an inventive and creative manner. Suika Game APK is thus able to differentiate itself from other similar games.

Attractive effects

Special effects are used in the game to create an exciting experience. Watermelon explosions, lighting effects, and ray effects can all be seen in this impressive game.

How to play:

Choose weapon

Prior to starting a level, you can select the weapon you wish to use. The performance and abilities of weapons differ, so it is important to consider these factors carefully when choosing a weapon.

Make a watermelon chop

Watermelons will start falling from the top at the beginning of the level. To accomplish your mission, you must use your weapon to cut off their heads. A powerful and accurate slash is formed by tapping the screen at the right time.

Keep your balance to avoid falling

Whenever you drop any watermelon without cutting it off, you will forfeit your chance to play. It is important not to let your game be ended by limited chances in games.

Complete tasks

The tasks and goals for each level will vary, for example cutting off a certain number of watermelons within a particular time limit or achieving a certain amount of points. The next level can only be reached by completing this goal.

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