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1.6 for Android
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Nov 07, 2023
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5.0 and up
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A collective of Elven heroines, called Tamers, journeys beyond the safety of their hidden valley to confront corruption and bring balance to the land using their special rituals in Tamer Vale APK, a turn-based card battler game!


The story revolves around three powerful and brave elven warriors leaving their hidden village to combat corruption that can only be stopped by rituals. Using their skills to restore balance across the land, they must fend off evil forces.

Tamers - Meet the team

Elven Tamers come in three distinct types, each with their own unique abilities. The list will be expanded in the future. There is one type of Tamer who fights directly with other warriors. An ally can also be summoned by a summoner. As a third option, there is a rogue who brews potions to use during battle. Each of them has a different playstyle, so it is worth testing them all. Tamer was my favorite, but summoner and rogue were also enjoyable. 

  • Become one of three elite elven Tamers 
  • The abilities and playstyles of each Tamer are unique
  • Warriors, summoners, and rogues are among the classes
  • There will be more Tamers added in the future

Tamer Vale APK has the following key features:

  • Card deck management, editing, and upgrading 
  • A turn-based battle system against enemies and bosses
  • It's a world and theme based on lewd fantasy
  • The story follows the Tamer, an elven heroine 
  • Taking on corruption from a hidden village, the tamers flee
  • By using rituals, the land is restored to balance

Build a deck to enjoy

There are more than 150 cards available for deckbuilding in Tamer Vale Latest version. The strategy includes upgrading, managing, and editing your deck. This game is easy to pick up when it comes to deckbuilding. There is no limit to how far you can go with a starter deck. In this game, enemies and boss monsters are fought in turn-based battles.

The Journey So Far

Journeys have set paths to follow for the time being, but they are limited as of now. Currently, there are not many options available, but what is available is well-made. What's here is already highly enjoyable due to the lewd fantasy world and the card-battling action. We can expect more adventures in the future.


Through fun card game combat, Tamer Vale APK for Android features hot elf heroines fighting corruption. The lewd fantasy journey is off to a thrilling start with a strategy deck-building game and multiple Tamers to master. The expansion of Tamer Vale will make it even more captivating for fans of RPGs and card games.

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