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MobileSuit: Origin APK 1.0.6 Unduh untuk Android

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1.0.6 untuk Android
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Sep 25, 2023
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Rather than playing as an ordinary soldier in MobileSuit: Origin APK, you'll fight alongside Gundams and pilots to fix Gundam's distorted stories. This game is engaging from beginning to end, with an intriguing storyline that will keep you hooked.

Build your own Gundam is one of the most popular features of the game. A powerful fleet can be built by recruiting popular pilots and conquering classic wars. Gundams can be customized according to your playstyle thanks to the customization options.

A variety of gameplay modes are available in the game, including Points Match, Elite Match, and Ranked Match. Building strong teams and competing against other players are possible in this game. During the battle, you must use team matching, deployments, attribute restraints, and formation bonuses to defeat powerful opponents, which emphasizes the strategic aspect of the game.

A strategic gameplay element, a riveting storyline, and customizable Gundams make Mobile Suit: Origin an engaging adventure experience. Restore timelines that have been distorted in the Gundam universe!

Players take on the role of a young commander tasked with protecting the universe and fighting criminals in outer space.

In order to build the most powerful squad, you'll need to recruit robot warriors with unique powers.

MobileSuit: Origin APK features several familiar Gundam characters such as Ex-S Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Gundam Barbatos Lupus, Gundam Bael, etc.

Players must coordinate strategically to maximize their power using each robot's role and skill set.


All battles take place automatically in MobileSuit: Origin, which makes it very simple to learn. To enjoy satisfying matches, players need only choose their squad and assign robots to the appropriate positions.

In addition to challenging players' tactical abilities, the game also allows them to collect resources for robot upgrades.

MobileSuit: Origin APK has the following unique features:

  • The card-based role-playing game featuring Gundam characters
  • The Gundam robots are ready for your collection
  • With epic effects, these battles are eye-catching.
  • You'll fall in love at first sight with the beautiful graphics.
  • Diverse activities are available in both PvE and PvP

Repair Wrong Timelines

There have been a lot of distortions in Gundam's stories throughout history. With Gundams and pilots, you will fight to correct the false stories that exist in this world as a scout for Space Authority. A false history is about to end, but what awaits at the end...

Customize a Gundam to suit your taste

Recruit popular pilots and build powerful Gundams. Take on classic wars by building your own fleet!

Obtain the highest position in the universe

The contest has many types of gameplay: Points Matches, Elite Matches, Ranked Matches, etc. Reach the top of the universe by building strong teams and defeating your rivals!

Tactics for fighting and winning

The easy battle operations feature allows you to focus on aligning your teams, deploying them, limiting their attributes, and applying formation bonuses to overcome powerful opponents.


Its 2.5D in-game graphics are extremely smooth and vivid, making MobileSuit: Origin APK one of the best in the genre.

Players, however, can admire the robots in 3D when on the upgraded interface.

As a general rule, MobileSuit: Origin should not be missed by those who love the Gundam brand.

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