Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK

Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK Beta Скачать для Android

App By:
Alan Abrin
Beta для Android
авг 21, 2023
478 MB
Требуется Android:
5.0 and up
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Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK invites you to explore a world filled with mysteries that will leave you breathless. You are taken to an abandoned Mexican restaurant shrouded in dread and enigma in this gripping horror-adventure game. This unsettling story follows the protagonist as she embarks on an unsettling night shift that tests her courage and wit. In the course of the night, sounds that were once dismissed as mere vermin become unsettling crescendos that take you down unexpected paths.

An engrossing story unfolds

There is an unsettling story surrounding a Mexican restaurant that has been abandoned. It is the promise of lucrative pay that lures you into taking the night shift at the infamous Calacas Coolas, not realizing its location - Lomas Turbas - is perilous. Night shift turns into a harrowing ordeal as danger escalates, putting your survival at risk.

You will be assisted by an enigmatic character who will guide you through this treacherous journey. What's the best way to escape the clutches of this sinister place? Can you endure the terrors that lie ahead?

Gameplay - Confronting Your Fears

You can take part in a nerve-racking gameplay experience with Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK. You're going to experience a whole new level of excitement and fear in this iteration of the game. Unwavering determination is required until the very end of the game to prevail in the battle for survival.

The stakes increase and the fear factor intensifies as you travel deeper into the night. In this version, longer nights evoke a sense of danger and anticipation, which ensures a sense of tension throughout every moment.

Features of Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK

Chilling Atmosphere

Combined with the game's spine-chilling sound design, the immersive environment creates an atmosphere of dread and intrigue that truly immerses players in the game's world.

An engaging narrative

In Calacas Chidas, players are drawn deeper and deeper into an unsettling world. Explore the abandoned restaurant to uncover its secrets.

Returning Character

On this nightmarish journey, you are accompanied by a familiar guide, who offers invaluable assistance and insight.

Engaging Gameplay

There are a variety of challenges and escalating dangers in this game designed to keep players engaged and invested.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I expect jump scares in Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK?

A: While the game is designed to evoke fear and suspense, it also aims to provide a balanced and engaging gameplay experience that caters to both fans of horror and those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Q: What are the available tools for battling monsters?

A: You'll have access to a range of tools to combat the menacing creatures that haunt the restaurant. However, your resources are limited, so strategic thinking is crucial.


Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra APK is one of the most intense horror-adventure games you can play. In addition to enthralling storylines, the game has captivating atmospheres and engaging gameplay that assure players of a terrifying and intrusive experience. The lines between reality and nightmare blur as you enter the abandoned Mexican restaurant, keeping you in a state of uncertainty. Do you have what it takes to face your deepest fears and unearth the chilling secrets within you? Now that the abyss is open, it's time to unearth the truth, even if it means venturing into darkness.

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