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1.0 для Android
сен 01, 2023
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5.0 and up
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Imagine getting personal messages direct from your favorite JKT48 members, creating a unique, intimate relationship with them. It's now possible to realize this dream with the JKT48 Private Message APK. The original LINE platform for this service has been extremely popular with fans. As a result of its overwhelming popularity, JKT48 Private Message has evolved into a stand-alone application with exciting features. 


The power of fan love and interaction is evident in the app. Keeping in touch with their fans is one of the most important aspects of JKT48's reputation. LINE was used initially so fans could communicate with their favorite members using a messaging application. By creating a dedicated application with even more exciting features, JKT48 decided to take this connection to the next level.


It offers a unique form of engagement, despite not being a typical game:

Direct Messages

Direct messages from other members of JKT48 are an integral part of the gameplay. Messages can be text, pictures, and now even voice recordings, making the interaction more personal and heartwarming.

Member Selection

Members of JKT48 are free to choose which members they wish to receive messages from. A more intimate connection can be established between fans and their idols by choosing this option.

Features of Jkt48 Private Message APK

Voice Messages

The APK includes the capability of receiving voice messages from members of JKT48. By hearing their idols' voices directly, fans can experience a new dimension of connection.

Birthday Greetings

Choosing a JKT48 member for a birthday greeting adds a personal touch to the interaction with subscribers.

Exclusive Line of Communication

JKT48 members send exclusive private messages to their subscribers, creating a sense of exclusivity and intimacy.


Jkt48 Private Message APK offers the following advantages:

  • Personal Connection: By providing a direct line of communication between fans and their idols, this APK bridges the gap between them.
  • Diverse Content: This service offers a rich user experience by allowing users to send and receive text, pictures, and voice messages.
  • Choice: A fan can personalize their experience by selecting a specific member of the JKT48 to connect with.


Que: How do I receive messages from JKT48 members using this APK?

Ans: After subscribing to a specific member, you will receive their personal messages directly on the app.

Que: Can I change my selected JKT48 member?

Ans: Yes, you have the flexibility to change your selected member at any time to explore interactions with different members.

Que: Is there a cost associated with using the application?

Ans: Yes, there is a subscription fee to access the messages and special features. However, it offers an exclusive and intimate connection with JKT48 members.


In order to foster a deeper connection between JKT48 and their fans, they have created the JKT48 Private Message APK. Direct messages from JKT48 members, including voice messages, transcend the traditional fan-idol relationship. Fans can now experience a unique and personalized experience with their idols thanks to this APK. This application is your chance to be part of your favorite members' journey if you are a JKT48 fan.

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