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Umai Neko
2.5 对于Android
11月 16, 2023
512 MB
5.0 and up
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Play Magical Angel Fairy Heart APK and feel immersed in a fantasy world full of magic and mysteries in this captivating 2D belt scroll action mobile RPG. A player assumes the role of an Angel Fairy endowed with magical powers and tasked with saving an enchanted world from darkness and restoring harmony. The game can be enjoyed by players of any skill level with its intuitive touch controls.


During Magical Angel Fairy Heart Game, players battle magical creatures, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets as they navigate through various levels. To defeat the evil forces threatening the realm, magical artifacts must be collected and the fairy heart harnessed. Various skills and abilities can be used to overcome enemies. There are multiple levels in the game, each with its own unique environment to explore. During the game, players will face challenges and opponents who will put their skills to the test. A special HCG animation is displayed if the player fails a mission.


As Angel Fairy fights hordes of unidentified monsters that have invaded the earth, the story follows her quest to save the city. To defeat these creatures and discover their origin, she must unleash the power of the fairy heart. There are many twists and turns in the narrative as players discover secrets about the enchanted world. Each magical being in the story has unique abilities and personalities, adding depth to the plot. Its magical appeal comes from its storyline and charming characters. Exploring this captivating realm and restoring harmony keeps players engaged.

Character Creation

In the character creation step, you can customize the appearance and abilities of your magical angel. You can select from a variety of skills and attributes to tailor your character to your personal preferences.

Game Mechanics

Intuitive game controls make Magical Angel Fairy Heart accessible to both beginners and experts. After you become familiar with the game's mechanics, navigating the enchanting world becomes easy.

Features of Magical Angel Fairy Heart APK Latest version

Bringing friends together

You and your friends can create an Angel Fairy party. Discovering hidden secrets and facing powerful foes require cooperation.

In Game Chat

Using the in-game chat system, you can stay in touch with other players. Experiences, tips, and strategies are welcome.

Epic Encounters

Your strategy and skills will be tested as you face fearsome bosses. The satisfaction of overcoming great challenges comes from victory and you receive rare items.

Reward points and loot

Enhance your Angel Fairy's abilities and appearance by collecting valuable loot and rewards after battles.

Leveling Up

Complete quests, battle enemies, and enhance your magical abilities to level up your Angel Fairy.

Tactical and strategic approaches

Learn how to overcome challenging encounters by developing winning strategies. Different enemy types and environments require different adaptability


  • An enchanting world with stunning visuals
  • Quests and storylines that are engaging
  • The ability to customize deeply
  • A community with a friendly atmosphere
  • The economy in the game should be fair
  • Aspects that may be detrimental
  • It may be tempting to purchase in-game items
  • In later levels, challenges become more challenging


An enchanting journey through magical realms awaits players in Magical Angel Fairy Heart Android APK, along with epic battles and captivating characters. Our objective in this article is to give you a thorough understanding of Magical Angel Fairy Heart gameplay, from its basics to its advanced strategies that can lead you to conquer it.

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