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In TV Studio Story APK, the newest addictive simulation game from Kairosoft, explore the fascinating world of television creation. Taking the director's seat in this pixel-art smartphone game, you may produce your own virtual TV series by hiring actors, picking themes, looking for venues, advertising material, and more. This is an entertaining and easy-to-use game that provides a simplified yet fascinating glimpse into the production process of popular television shows. 


You assume the job of a TV executive managing your own production firm in TV Studio Story. Your objective is to develop TV program concepts, secure funding for their production, and draw audiences to turn them into blockbusters. Selecting possible programs' genres, topics, and formats is the main focus of gameplay. To complete the groundwork, you will hire authors, constructors, cameramen, and other personnel. Talent from specialist agencies is auditioned and signed, and performers are chosen based on how well they fit the theme of each event.

Scouts should be sent to various vibrant areas to find filming sites and ornamental set elements that complement desired motifs. To increase your viewership, use a variety of platforms to promote completed pilots and series. To beat competing studios, consistently create new material, invest in staff training, modernize facilities, and maintain a healthy budget. This game provides a condensed yet incredibly thorough look at everything that happens behind the scenes.

Important Features of TV Studio Story APK Latest Version

All-inclusive tools for creating shows:

By selecting different genres, themes, formats, décor sets, costumes, music, and other components, you may fully design shows in the game. You may create entirely original ideas for drama, comedy, science fiction, and other genres. You can exercise your creative muscles thanks to the range of alternatives.

Comprehensive talent management

It is your opportunity to send scouts to different agencies to find talent (actors, hosts, etc.) and develop them over time. By granting requests, you'll also develop connections with them and get benefits. Controlling their development and morale enhances their output.

Dynamic site reconnaissance:

Send location managers to take pictures of various locations in the game's universe, such as cities, beaches, and abandoned jungle structures. Every location you film at yields themed props for your sets and creative inspiration. This provides possibilities for décor and a range of environments.

Cross-platform promotions:

You have the option to promote your shows via media channels such as periodicals, radio, TV, and social media campaigns, as well as by taking part in esteemed award ceremonies. Every platform increases visibility within certain demographic segments.

Problems with competing studios:

Rivalry is included in the game through timed tasks that set your studio against other studios. This might be garnering the most attention within a given time frame or taking home the most honors. Gaining an edge over rivals earns bonuses and boosts.

Boost employee competencies:

Training authors, builders, helpers, and others on a regular basis increases their productivity, opens up new skills, and increases their speed. This allows for more sophisticated advertising and speeds up and lowers the cost of show production.

Try out other show concepts:

Experimenting with unconventional genre mashups, themes, and show styles is a crucial technique for finding creative hits. Iterating effective formulae is made easier by monitoring audience reactions.

Some Playing Advice

  • Increase employee skill levels with frequent training
  • Try different show forms, topics, and genres.
  • Choose performers that fit the idea of each show   
  • Explore far-off places to find ornamental objects
  • Vigorously promote programs to increase audience size
  • Maintain financial equilibrium with wise investments  
  • Beat competitors by triumphing in-studio challenges


TV Studio Story Game Download gives everybody the chance to try their hand at show business with its well-crafted mechanics, adorable visuals, and references to actual TV production. As you rule the virtual entertainment market, make a streaming smash, manage celebrity talent, and make a lasting impression on the radio.

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