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1 Pix Media
2.0 for Android
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Sep 25, 2023
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1 Pix Media 2.0 APK is an online streaming application. The app organizes live TV streams into different categories based on whether they are in English or Spanish, by scanning the internet for live TV streams.

It's easy to stream over 800 TV channels with this app! Live TV and Sports are available for free to Android users thanks to the 1 Pix Media 2.0 APK.

Live sports events, live TV, and live TV channels are all available through this app. You can choose from a wide selection of channels in the app.

You can access USA, Local Channels, Live Sports, Sports, Canada, Latino, Pluto TV, The Rok Channels, and more through this amazing app.

There are some HD channels available, but this app is meant for those who place more importance on content than video quality.

Using 1 Pix Media 2.0 APK on FireStick

  • A new menu appears when you press and hold your remote control's Home button.
  • Go to the new menu and select Apps.
  • Locate 1 Pix Media in the app store by scrolling down. Use your remote control to navigate to it by pressing the menu button. From the right-hand menu, choose Move to Front. 
  • The app will be displayed in front of all apps. A home screen icon is also available for accessing the app.
  • Launch the app

Exploring App on FireStick

  • Please wait patiently while the app finishes loading.
  • Once the welcome screen appears, click on the OK button to proceed to the next window.
  • Navigate to Enter and click on it.
  • Once that is done, select a category from the list. We have categories such as Movies, USA, Local Channels, Live Sports, Sports, Puerto Rico, Latino, and United Kingdom, as well as Adult (password: Adultsonly01).
  • Channels can be selected from different servers in certain categories. You are able to switch between servers if one isn't working properly, so you can access the channels easily.

Channels from the United States and the United Kingdom are available here. A few channels might not work, so try switching to another category or server if necessary.

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