4WD Racer APK 2.0 Download for Android

App By:
Orange Game
2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 28, 2023
1.2 GB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Come experience the joy of four-wheel drive competition together in 4WD Racer, which 100% restores the classic plot, 4WD Racing features a 1:1 copy of the original four-wheel drive style, and classic animated characters back in the arena!

4WD Racer APK featuring four-wheel drive! Experience the original classic plot and race with real Mini four-wheel drive assembly here; Choose your own car shell, chassis, motor, and accessories in the game, and assemble the most stunning new cars with hundreds of different parts, compete fairly against friends, start an extreme speed competition, and find happiness and memories! You'll be driving at high speed, blowing away the audience, and experiencing the most exciting four-wheel drive racing ever!

Throughout Burnout 3: Takedown, there is a vehicle known as the 4WD Racer. The second car that you unlock after a crash event is most likely this one. Once you unlock bigger vehicles, this is a great all-arounder. In addition to being unlocked, it also is visible while driving on the European and American continents. 


There are several significant racing modifications to the Ford Ranger pickup that make it similar to the 4WD Racer and it shares some features with the Land Rover Defender. A vague resemblance can be seen between the tail lights of the Hummer H2.  The car offers the largest selection of colors, making it one of the most customizable cars on the market.

4WD Racer APK has the following features

A variety of popular car models were assembled

The animation faithfully reproduces all classic models so you can relive Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go! Let's start the journey of chasing the champion together by moving our fingers and bringing them into our team!

You can DIY with a hundred free accessories

You can combine a hundred different colors, styles, properties, and other DIY operations to create your own mini four-wheel drives, such as drilling, dyeing, stickering, and other DIY operations.

Simulation of reality with a vengeance

Battery life, acceleration, stability, extreme speed... The restoration of reality involves transforming various parts.

The realistic track is at full power

A real four-wheel drive track is simulated. No complex controls are needed. Tap your fingers, release one key, feel the tire friction, hear the motor whine, and experience the thrill of mini 4WD racing.

What's New

  • Technology system level 6 has been adjusted
  • The settings can be adjusted to switch between multiple languages. Restarting the game after making the adjustment will take effect.

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