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Coming soon for Android
Updated On:
Nov 04, 2023
Varies with device
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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In the near future, Age of History 3 APK will take over the world of strategic games. In this game, players can enjoy a unique real-time strategy experience as part of the popular Age of History franchise. This game looks set to become an instant classic thanks to its stunning graphics, expansive gameplay, and innovative features.


As the player leads civilizations from ancient times into the modern era, Age of History 3 Android APK enables them to rewrite history. Compared to previous titles in the series, the game has a much larger map. Individual military units and cities can now be seen on the map. As a result, the experience is rendered at an unparalleled level of realism and immersion. 

A player's empire must be built through a combination of military strategy, diplomacy, and resource management. Dynamic, engaging battles are ensured by new combat mechanics. Unit composition, supplies, and morale are more important. Can you outmaneuver your foes with specialized forces or will you overwhelm them with massive armies? It's your choice.

Features of Age of History 3 APK Latest Version

This game features beautiful 3D graphics, customizable AI opponents that make replayability more enjoyable, and a polished UI for easy gameplay. Intuitive controls enable you to command your realm easily while seamless zoom lets you explore the map without any hassle.

The realism and authenticity of Age of History 3 set it apart from other games in the genre. There is no greater level of control over civilizations' expansion, warfare, and interrelationships on the global stage than in Civilization VI. As a result, every game playthrough offers a unique strategy and scenario.


Age of History 3 APK For Android is shaping up to be an impressive strategy game with gorgeous graphics and addictive gameplay. This release offers gamers a unique opportunity to chart civilization through the ages. The anticipation for the launch of this ambitious project will grow as more details emerge. With this sequel, fans and newcomers alike can expect a brand-new experience from the renowned franchise.

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