Aku si PETERNAK LELE APK 1.2 Download for Android

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1.2 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 11, 2023
87 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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The Aku si PETERNAK LELE APK simulates the life of a catfish farmer, which makes it an interesting simulation game. A simulation game of catfish breeding or business will put you in the mindset of a businessman or breeder.

This is one of the hottest new simulation games currently available. Playing it can be a fun way to spend time if you're passionate about animal husbandry or plan to raise catfish.

Become a farmer for a day and experience what it's like to be one. Keeping and breeding catfish will be your responsibility. Starting from seed is the key to growing.

Catfish are harvested when they are mature and ready to be sold. You will be able to earn money from selling your catfish later on. You will also receive several items when you play I am the CATFISH RACER.

The goal of Aku si PETERNAK LELE is to raise and maintain a thriving catfish farm under the guidance of a catfish farmer. Using the game, players can learn about the daily tasks involved in raising catfish, starting with purchasing baby catfish, feeding them, and reselling them to collectors or for use as food ingredients in catfish pellets when they are jumbo-sized.

By selling catfish in the game, you earn in-game money that you can use to decorate your own land. It is possible to customize a catfish farm to reflect your personal style with a number of decorations.

Among the varieties of catfish found in AU SI PETERNAK LELE, each is rare to a different degree. In order to achieve 6 stars, you must catch at least 1-star catfish, which is the most common. In-game money can be earned by reselling rarer cats since they are more valuable.

This APK offers the following features:

Catfish come in a variety of varieties

The game Aku si PETERNAK LELE APK offers 23 different varieties of catfish. There is a profit to be made from selling these catfish. Various catfish price ranges are available in this game. A search function is also available on catfish breeders so you can find the fish you want. A filter can also be applied to Catfish according to how common they are. In the rare, legendary, and common catfish categories, there is a difference in the rarity of the catfish.

Personalized and decorative services

Also, the unlimited money and gems feature of this game offers some good customization options. Modifications can be made to your farm and catfish. The market sells decorative items that can be added to your farm to make it more appealing. Catfish accessories can further enhance their appearance.

Also included in this game is a search function that allows you to locate desired decorative objects. The item you wish to purchase can be chosen based on its type and category. Additionally, you can sort objects by the rarity with the game's filter feature. In addition to filtering things according to their cost, the game has a feature that allows you to sort things by price. This item can be purchased at any range of prices you choose.

The tents of the Lele Paysel range are available

When it comes to preparing for fish farming, building a pond is usually the most crucial step. Catfish cattle tents provide the fish with a sense of security and comfort, but it would all be nothing without the security and comfort they need.

This feature also allows you to expand your business beyond just buying and selling live fish. Dressing up like a catfish vendor can also make you look like a roadside bar without losing your identity.

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