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SquadBuilt Inc
0.4.46 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 25, 2023
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9 and up
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Big Buildings, Big Fields, and Large Equipment—all based on an American Map—are what American Farming APK offers as what we desire in a farming game! Featuring actual brands like Landoll, Versatile, Unverferth, Brent, Case IH, and many more! ... animal enterprises such as a large dairy farm, a cow/calf farm, a cattle feedlot, and a pig farm that uses farrow to finish! All across more than a thousand acres!

Real life is taken and placed in your palms by the American Farming Game. You can accomplish nearly everything, from planting to harvesting. Among our essential skills are planting, harvesting, plow work, livestock handling, and more!

Make your way up to a Big Farm by selecting from two distinct Starter Farms!


Has the idea of farming amid Iowa's undulating plains ever occurred to you? You can now, though! American Farming Android gives the user genuine, usable land by drawing influence from the Iowan countryside. You are able to grow your own animals in pastures, feedlots, hog barns, and even farrowing pens!

Customization of Characters 

Create your own farmer by experimenting with different outfits, looks, hair colors, and more! You may play American Farming Simulator in the first or third person, so go for it!


There is a large selection of cars and tools—more than 75 options—to pick from. Tractors come in various sizes, with the largest versions being the Versatile DeltaTrac 620 and the Case QuadTrac 600. Large tools are also available, including a 36-row Case IH planter and a 60-foot Landoll Field Cultivator. There are also a few earlier tractor types mentioned, such as the International 1206 and 1066. Grain carts that are large in size, such as the Brent 2596 or Balzer 2850 types, can be used. Gooseneck trailers, lowboy trailers, ATVs, and dirt motorcycles are some of the farm's versatile transportation options.  

Features of American Farming Free Download

Practical AI Employees:

Worker characters that aren't playable but replicate tasks associated with farming, such as caring for animals and running machinery.

To assist in running the farm, players can employ and manage them.

Complete Support for Controllers:

permits replacing keyboard and mouse with console controllers, such as those for Xbox or PlayStation.

Ideal for gamers who would rather use a gamepad than a PC

Adjustable tilt:

Using a keyboard or mouse, physically tilt the controller or the camera angle.

modifies perspective and permits a closer inspection of the elements

Complete Help & Tutorial Menu:

A comprehensive tutorial explains essential duties and gameplay concepts.

The Help menu acts as a constant resource guide.

Customization of Characters:

Avatars for players that are highly customizable

More than 35 possibilities for clothes


A swine business encompasses every stage, from piglets being born to finishing pigs. From calves to replacement heifers to mature dairy stock, cows go through a cycle. Complete dairy farms show milk cows, heifers, and calves. Utilizing a Balzer tanker, inject liquid manure provides crops with nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Spreaders made by H&S or Meyer are used for spreading solid manure.

Fertilizer and Crops 

Accurate simulations of wheat, soybeans, and corn are used as the main crops. Grain dries realistically in storage containers. Proper fertilization takes into account the three essential nutrients: potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. A few different types of nitrogen fertilizers are manure, urea, anhydrous ammonia, and 32% UAN. Crop rotation maximizes soil nutrition and total fertilizer inputs.

Some Playing Tips:

  • Oversee a vast, multi-thousand-acre farm including expansive structures, fields, and machinery.
  • Manage many livestock businesses, such as a pig farm, dairy farm, and cattle feedlot.
  • Carry out important chores including cultivating, harvesting, managing animals, etc.
  • Choose from two customizable beginning farms to get started on.
  • Discover farming that is influenced by the rural scenery of Iowa.
  • Use the first or third person to play
  • Observe the growth of cows and pigs while taking pauses from cultivating crops.

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