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App By:
Demet Okur
Version: for Android
Updated On:
Apr 15, 2023
143.1 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Players in "Match Cute Animals" score points by matching two cute animals. As many animals as possible must be matched in the time you have or until a certain score is reached in order to win the game.

A wide variety of animals, including cats, dogs, lions, bears, birds, etc., can be paired up. A game's challenge levels and power-ups may also be customized to suit players' skill levels.

With more points earned and better play, players can unlock more creatures and levels. Aside from challenging your memory and matching skills, this game will teach you a few interesting things as well.

In a fun and interactive way, the AniWorld APK helps children learn more about animals.

As your child plays this fun game, he or she will learn more about animals and the world they live in.

There are three groups of animals to choose from in the game:

  • The jungle, the farm, and the pets.
  • A kid can play with 36 different animals and sounds.

In the game, the kid chooses an animal that he wants to play with and is taken to the animal screen. This screen shows the animal, its sound, and its name to the child

The kid can play these fun game functions with every animal:

Animal home

Kids can discover where the animals sleep by pressing their home. In the game, every animal is shown resting while its natural environment is explained to the child. With the sound of the animal snoring and the sound of bedtime music in the background, you hear the snoring of the animal.

Let me eat

  • Here, you can choose one of three different food types to feed the animal.
  • A picture of an animal eating is shown when the right food is selected.

  • An animal-eating sound can be heard in the background of the game.
  • The animal would make a fun sound when it chose the wrong food.

Please note:

By dragging or pressing the food to the animal, the kid feeds the animal.

We support both approaches in order to meet the needs of kids of different ages. Children should be encouraged to press food when they are young. Encourage your kid to drag and drop the correct food to the animal as he grows up and his eye-hand coordination becomes better.

Pet Me

This game screen shows on the left side of the screen an animal heart. Children are filled with joy when they pet an animal.

Having the animal gargle and make animal sounds while it is being petted is another fun effect.

Animals play music and wear effects to reward children when their hearts are filled with joy (full red).

It will be a blast for your kid to explore the game to discover different animals and morphs.

Animal background music sounds are randomly selected

Beginning at birth and continuing through adulthood

With the plus and minus buttons, the kid can navigate between the phases, and with the scroll mechanism, the kid can navigate between the phases.

Playing this game with your child allows you to discuss the changes that come with growing up.

Please note:

To cater to the needs of children of different ages, the game has both plus and minus buttons and a scrolling mechanism. When your child is young, encourage him to use the buttons, and when his eye-hand coordination is developing, encourage him to explore the scrolling feature.

In order to appeal to kids of a variety of ages, MToddlearn (Mobile toddler learning) created this fun game. Develop age-specific games to address each segment of the market. This game has been carefully designed and consulted with child development specialists as you can see. We are excited about the outcome of The Outcome, a fun quality game for kids.

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