APIMateR APK 0.9.0 Download for Android

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0.9.0 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 09, 2023
3.31 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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A dat file can be retrieved, translated, written, and viewed through APIMateR APK. The APIMate is a source of inspiration for this application.

As of Android 11, the API for accessing files has been changed, making it more difficult for other apps to access them. Due to the new API in ChMate, apps that display deleted DAT threads (Channel Getter and APImateZ2) can no longer be used. In this regard, it is our pleasure to introduce APIMateR, which was recently developed by volunteers. It will assist him in retrieving and viewing DAT threads after Android 11 has been released.

Because Android 11's code name is R, APIMate "R" must be the right one. It's possible. I think it's okay to switch from existing apps if you have Android 5 or later, even if it's not 11.

From download to setup

APIMateR Releases has the app itself available for download. Install the APK file on your device after downloading it.

To select the dat directory, tap "Select dat directory" when APIMateR starts.

Unless you're using Android 11, your screen may look different.

You will be able to choose a folder after you open the ChMate datfolder, so make sure it is open before tapping "Use this folder". You will be asked whether APIMateR should be allowed access to the folder, so simply tap "Allow". The APIMateR side has now been configured. Normally, you won't need anything else.

Obtain DAT

From "Open in another app"

You can long-tap the title bar of any thread that crashes by opening it and then opening it again. Click "Open in another app" to open a dialog similar to the one shown in the image.

In this screen, choose APIMateR from the list of apps. DAT is attempted to be retrieved by APIMateR. After that, he will automatically return to the ChMate screen, where he can view threads.

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