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1.11.138 for Android
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Oct 16, 2023
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Assemble With Care APK is a fun puzzle game in which you play an important role in an intriguing plot in which you solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and restore priceless relics. The gameplay is around fixing and restoring a wide variety of objects; you'll have access to all the tools you need and be able to dismantle and reassemble them in minute detail. As you fix things, you'll learn fascinating backstories, interact with unique NPCs, and uncover hidden mysteries.

Beautiful hand-drawn visuals, a soothing soundtrack, and substantial character growth are just some of the game's attractions. You are tasked with unraveling the history of various objects by dismantling, fixing, and reassembling them. By putting together pieces of a puzzle, you may piece together its history, experience its emotions, and bond with its subjects.

As you complete each task, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the things and experiences that make life worth living. Come and experience the allure of mending and the warmth of feeling as you mend broken things and broken hearts in a welcoming environment.


The player assumes the role of Maria, an antique restorer, in Assemble With Care, a relaxing puzzle game that takes players on a trip filled of nostalgia and tenderness as they fix people's cherished possessions. The goal of the game is to build rapport with the owners by fixing their broken belongings.

Maria, a world-traveling antique restorer, comes to the picturesque village of Bellariva oblivious to the fact that it is in shambles. She'd do anything to make sure the people of the town can keep their prized goods, but as their personal lives start to fall apart, she has to figure out how to hold them together with a spare screw.

Relaxing, challenging, remembering, and curing. Relaxing and enjoyable casual puzzle game with a deep story and memorable characters.

Stories full of vivid characters

Download Assemble With Care for free on Android, and players can use it to examine and deep-clean a wide range of objects, repair and improve them by replacing or adding parts, disassemble and reassemble them, enjoy some quiet time in meditation, and meet interesting people with their own backstories. 

Each object will also have its own backstory, which will be related to the person who brought it in for repair in some manner. This game will wow you with its stunning visuals, catchy soundtrack, vivid characters, engaging narratives, and thrilling adventures. You'll get to know the protagonist more as you continue through the game, learn about her interests and abilities, and work together to repair antiques and meet new people.

Amazing Features of Assemble With Care APK

Puzzles with Meaning

Look at the items through Maria's eyes and figure out how to fix them.

Inspiring Narrative

Learn about the residents of Bellariva. Accept them for who they are and aid in their reconnection.

Charmingly Retro

Listen to the original score, which was inspired by the music of the 1980s, while you rediscover the iconic items of bygone eras.

Carefully Crafted Images

Take pleasure in the impressionist art style of the gameplay and the hand-drawn plot.

Restore the Classics

Players may assume the role of Maria and restore vintage artifacts by solving riddles in the game. Each object was steeped in legend and history. Players weren't simply able to enjoy themselves while solving the puzzles; they were also able to feel a sense of nostalgia and a willingness to offer vintage items a second opportunity.

In the game, Maria had pleasant conversations with the locals of Bellariva. The players became familiar with them and appreciated their individual merits. The game's touching narratives drove home the importance of real-world relationships in spite of our increasingly digital lives.

Enjoy the visuals along with puzzles and stories

The game's soundtrack was nostalgic, transporting listeners back to the 1980s and earlier. The game's soundtrack played a significant role in immersing players in the setting and era.

The artwork in Assemble With Care was stunning, and it felt almost like playing a painting. It was intentional that the artwork evoked a bygone era. It added a sense of realism to the game and allowed gamers to focus on the gameplay, story, and riddles.

Made the town better

Players of Assemble With Care didn't simply improve the village by fixing broken objects; they also contributed to its betterment. Having their broken items repaired brought the inhabitants of Bellariva closer together. Thanks to Maria's generosity and expertise, the town's residents were able to start getting along again.

Assemble With Care APK Latest version went above and beyond the expectations of a typical puzzle game. It demonstrated the value of friendship, nostalgia, and the restoration of vintage items. This experience served as a timely reminder of the need to reflect on the past in order to forge a more fruitful path forward.

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