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BoomZ Origin APK 1.4.4 Download for Android

1.4.4 for Android
Updated On:
May 18, 2023
1007 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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In BoomZ Origin APK, players can enjoy easy gameplay and casual gameplay. The game offers players of all levels a classic firing system and challenging challenges. Using various skill items, players must analyze the wind speed, force angle, and wind direction of projectiles in order to defeat opponents completely. In BOOMz, players must think and analyze before they shoot as part of the original gameplay. 

Combat strategy techniques can also be used by them to defeat their opponents. The opponent can be frozen, disappeared, or destroyed by using skills such as x2 x3. In the game, you will find a variety of unique strategies and techniques. Battles can be fought in PvP mode or dungeons can be explored with friends to find items. It is also possible for them to form a team with their friends to defeat their opponents by tagging and teaming up with them. Additionally, you can gain rare items, guns, and equipment by clearing dungeons, passing through checkpoints, and fighting bosses.

Gameplay in BoomZ Origin is challenging in many ways. There are several ways to play this game. If you want to play like a god, you should calculate the wind force and direction. As part of the analysis, we will consider the degree of projectile or various skill items for shooting, and then analyze how to use those items to complete the defeat of the opponent.

The key to success in PvP mode is accuracy. In 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches, players can try their hand at becoming the top shooter of the season. 

Features of BoomZ Origin APK

The play system can be selected freely between various automatic aiming aids, like Casual Mode, or manually measuring the degree using Classic Mode to add a bit of fun and challenge. 

  • Enjoy thrilling 1v1 matches or team fights up to 4v4 in the thrilling battle mode. 
  • With a rune system, you will be able to improve both your weapons and pets even more so they will become stronger and more effective. 
  • Creating a marriage system that is pleasing to everyone
  • The option to type, use emoticons, or speak directly with teammates. 
  • Taking part in festivals and being excited about the fashions that come with them. Choose according to style by mixing and matching. 
  • It is a fun game with a ranking system that gives the shooter an opportunity to climb up the ranks and compete for the top position. 
  • Reach the highest level by defeating bosses with tower mode. 
  • Your Guild mates will appreciate your efforts as you complete challenging missions with them. 

Present unique techniques and strategies

Make your opponents feel the pain of losing by using your own fighting strategy techniques. No matter if we freeze the opponent, disappear, or we're strong, pressing the item to shoot x2 x3 and shooting to destroy the item is not a skill.

An old-fashioned skill game

Whether it's calculating wind, wind direction, wind force, or shot strength, BoomZ Origin APK continues to follow the same style of play as the BOOMZ series. Shooting angles might be analyzed and thought about before being fired.

A colorful community center where the gang has fun

Get your friends together and form a team to crush your opponents. Take part in PvP battles with your friends or find items by exploring dungeons. We're prepared to meet new people at the onsen, talk, and have fun together.

Defeat bosses, pass checkpoints, and clear dungeons

The game allows you to go solo or as part of a team to fight bosses, progress through stages, tackle dungeons, and obtain rare items, weapons, and equipment.

When playing PVP, display accuracy

Anyone who is proficient in shooting can show off their skills in PVP mode, whether it is a first-to-first battle, a second-to-second duel, a third-to-third, or a fourth-to-four match. The #1 shooter for the season will be the one who is accurate enough to climb your rank.

The character is cool and classic. Style your clothes in a unique way

There are a variety of fashions to choose from in BoomZ for classic cute characters. The hats, the glasses, the wings, the fashion dresses: all of it is ready. Show off your style by playing the game.

BoomZ Origin APK shoots so much fun that every match must be on fire!

Frequently Asked Questions

In BoomZ Origin, how do you redeem a gift code?

It is necessary for players to complete the tutorial before they can redeem their BoomZ Origin Gift Code. As soon as you have completed the tutorial, go to and redeem the code. You will need to enter the valid code to receive your rewards after selecting the option to redeem the gift code.

A complete list of BoomZ Origin codes is available on our BoomZ Origin code wiki, which includes new codes that are released regularly. All codes are kept on this wiki list and updated frequently.

How To Get More Code BoomZ Origin?

Social media handles of BoomZ Origin, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord channel, are often updated with new gift codes.

This page will be updated regularly with BoomZ Origin gift codes, so bookmark it and check it regularly. Whenever new redemption codes are available, we will update this list. Developers usually give gift codes as part of special events, like game milestones, popular occasions, collaborations, and collaborations with other companies.

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