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carVertical OÜ
1.6.7 for Android
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Apr 27, 2023
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4.1 and up

Would you be interested in purchasing a used vehicle? We offer an innovative VIN decoder that makes it easy to check the history of a vehicle in just a few clicks, thereby avoiding costly and unpleasant issues.

By researching your own car's history, you can learn all about its specs and history.

Keeping an eye on the history of your car with carVertical APK will help you avoid costly problems. Get a full history report of any vehicle instantly using carVertical's VIN decoder.

If the VIN number is checked, you can find out whether the vehicle has been stolen, damaged in an accident, or clocked. A majority of our auto checks include past vehicle photos as well. Then you can determine the car's condition yourself.

Aside from previous price history, common model bugs, and upcoming maintenance information, you'll also learn other important details. 

As well as that, the carVertical app provides you with a detailed checklist to follow when you're inspecting the vehicle in person. Whether it's VIN tracking on a car's body or specific model faults, we're here to help you negotiate with a seller. 

Take advantage of carVertical's platform and get a complete car report now.

How does carVertical APK work?

  • Vehicle identification numbers are on title documents, dashboards of cars, and right sides of motorcycle steering wheels
  • ENTER THE VIN on the carVertical app
  • Find out more about the history of your vehicle

Can you tell me what the report contains?

A carVertical vehicle history report can include mileage records, accidents, and damage reports, as well as information about whether or not the vehicle has been stolen.

It is possible to view the car's past history, price history, change of ownership, and other valuable information in a VIN lookup report as well as other vital details.

What is the purpose of checking the vehicle's history?

There are a number of hidden vehicles history facts, such as mile rollbacks, accidents, and other facts that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. Furthermore, poorly maintained vehicles can cause you and your family serious health problems. Using our history reports, you can avoid these problems.

A vehicle should always be checked before being purchased

The carVertical database contains one of the largest collections of vehicle records available. You don't have to risk a bad deal when you buy a car locally or overseas.

Stay away from scams that are costly

A mileage rollback, a road accident, or other hidden details may result in a vehicle repair costing thousands. By checking their history, you can avoid buying junk used cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Make sure a vehicle is safe

Make sure you know the actual history of a vehicle to ensure your family's safety. Experiencing a concealed car accident, inflating your airbags, or experiencing suspension problems can be deadly.

Take advantage of bargaining power

It is possible to uncover hidden facts about a vehicle when you have a thorough understanding of its history. Become more aggressive in negotiations by learning what the seller doesn't know or won't tell you!

What is the VIN and where can I find it?

  • Under the windshield, under the dashboard
  • The frame of the driver's side door is damaged
  • Located under the hood of the engine
  • Documents associated with the registration of vehicles
  • Contact the seller for more information

Report preparation checks for the following:

The carVertical database contains one of the largest collections of vehicle records available. You don't have to risk a bad deal when you buy a car locally or overseas.


A vehicle with hidden damages is not something anyone wants to buy. The vehicle may be overpriced and future repair costs may be increased as a result.

Reimbursements were rolled back

You may not realize how common mileage fraud is. The vehicle won't only cost you more than you expected, but you'll also have to pay more in the end.

Recorded images

In order to understand the history of the vehicle, it is important to know how the vehicle looked in the past.

Recalls of safety products

There are people who are not car gurus. You can make a better purchasing decision if you know what the common drawbacks are.

The ownership of an enterprise changes

You can determine whether a vehicle has been sold frequently by knowing how many owners it has had. There may be serious problems underlying this.

Records that have been stolen

To ensure that a vehicle has not been stolen overseas, we check millions of records from international and local police departments.

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