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CBF 23 Game APK 2.1.2 Download for Android

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2.1.2 for Android
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Dec 15, 2023
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5.0 and up
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The most genuine and exciting mobile football experience is finally here for football fans who have been waiting for it. With its unparalleled gameplay depth and top-notch visuals, this football game ushers in a new era of mobile football. 

About CBF 23 Game APK

This is the most realistic and feature-rich football game ever created for Android devices, launches, get ready to witness the future of mobile football. CBF 23, which was created to elevate mobile gaming to previously unheard-of heights, offers ground-breaking advancements in 3D match visuals, realistic gameplay dynamics, and an abundance of game options to capture the beauty of the game like never before.


The goal of the game's development was to fully immerse players in professional football action. It is led by seasoned teams that possess the knowledge, tools, and enthusiasm for the game needed to set new mobile records.

Realistic contests and squads full of real-life talent are made more realistic through licensing agreements with premier leagues, clubs, and players. Meanwhile, it's the first football game that plays and looks just like the finest console/PC games thanks to best-in-class graphics and visuals powered by the newest mobile gaming engines.  


Players can anticipate industry-leading gameplay that perfectly encapsulates the spirit and essence of football, with painstaking attention to detail that mirrors the breathtaking complexity of the beautiful game.

With the help of an easy-to-use control system, you can easily change formations, adjust tactics, and implement strategies as needed. With each upgrade, managers are given more alternatives to masterfully plan for success. During your stay, you will get further depth by handling contracts, transfers, injuries, and youth development.

Show off your playmaking vision on the field by selecting passes that divide defenses. Time runs through balls with the ideal amount of weight for a striker to grab onto. To beat defenders, use various skill moves such as stepovers, dragbacks, or flicks. even affect the team's mindset, formation, and tempo during games.  

Due to significant advancements in physics and animation, football matches now flow more naturally. Experience the pressure of intensely difficult tasks. Admire the physics of the ball when it swerves on long shots. Recognize the distinctiveness of players in celebrities like Messi as they overcome obstacles distinctively.

Features of CBF 23 Game APK

Wide Variety of Game Modes

Choose from a variety of engaging single-player options, such as Career or Manager, or engage in multiplayer head-to-head action in Online Seasons. There are also pick-up-and-play Quick Matches versus friends or AI.  

Comprehensive Team/Squad Supervision

To assemble your dream team, choose players from over 550 licensed teams in an infinite number of leagues and nations. You may even purchase established stars or develop young talent. For gradual stat growth, provide them with customized training exercises, performance diets, and other resources.

Real-World Context

The play feels like it's transplanted into vibrant matchday surroundings all across the world, with over 100 stadiums meticulously reproduced to increase realism.

Frequent Updates to Content

Anticipate regular updates that will introduce licensed leagues and clubs, modify gameplay in response to user feedback, and feature live event footage honoring genuine football—all aimed at maintaining the experience's year-round freshness!  

Tricks to Take the Lead

Learn formations and tactics - from the inside out and masterfully organize teams according to your preferred setup. Control areas and apply forceful pressing or a well-formed, disciplined shape to overwhelm.

Provide Drills for Specialized Training - Enhance midfield players' endurance through physical training. Skills drills help wingers become more adept at dribbling and crossing. Practice goalkeeping to improve your keeper's reflexes.  

Handle Money Sensibly - Avoid overspending up front. Gain recognition gradually to qualify for competitions and increase funds for significant future purchases. 

Scout Skills in Great Detail - -Scouting young teams for early-stage promising stars might help you unearth hidden gems at discounted prices. Avoid spending a lot of money on well-known brands. 

Play Less Important Games - Avoid becoming bogged down by playing every game in lengthy campaigns. Save your energy and concentrate just on important league or cup finals by modeling the other matches.

In summary  

This football game ushers in the golden age of mobile gaming with its unparalleled authenticity, depth, and variety across the board. Manager, get your boots on; the field holds your opportunity for managing success!

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