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1.93 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 14, 2023
459 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Đại Hiệp Chạy Đi Mod APK is a team martial arts game with a hard adventure, in which you assume the role of a heroic knight and go on a perilous quest. Players must run, leap, and battle their way to the conquest of magnificent regions.

Master the art of the sword in a world gone mad

In the game, players don the armor of a swordsman and go off into a dangerous and unruly environment. If you want to hone your swordsmanship and ascend to the throne of the Great Sword King, you'll have to face off against powerful wizards and terrifying creatures. Your ability to swiftly assess conditions and maintain patience will determine whether or not you succeed in each combat.

Continue your path of swordsmanship training

Đại Hiệp Chạy Đi Mod APK gives players complete freedom to create their own unique character by providing them with access to over a hundred distinct outfits and accessories. Enter the Dai Hiep Run Away code to unlock powerful equipment, then test your mettle in the game's solo, co-op, or dungeon challenges against other players. Victory in the most difficult of conflicts.

In addition to the thrilling roguelike battles, Dai Hiep Run Away has a wide variety of fun minigames from which players may gain experience, XP, and other useful items. If you play the game frequently, you may enter to win exclusive prizes and enjoy other enticing perks.


By taking part in the game, participants assume the persona of an aspiring swordsman. To protect the globe from dangerous enemies and establish global tranquility. As a result, you should expect to confront several challenges on your global adventure.

In order to make progress in the hero runs away mod, players will need to acquire and hone combat expertise. Acquire additional wonderful methods from other religions. Take your training to the next level and you'll soon be recognized as a skilled swordsman.

Enjoy the Features of Đại Hiệp Chạy Đi Mod APK

  • Appealing action-packed roguelike structure.
  • Wide variety of clothes and extras.
  • Multiple game modes, from single-player to cooperative 2-player dungeon crawling.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Incredible advantages.
  • Beautiful 2D chibi animation art style.

Enhancing Capabilities

Đại Hiệp Chạy Đi Mod APK has procedurally generated levels. Demands a lot of focus in order to succeed. Your foes are powerful sorcerers and monstrosities. If your character passes away, you'll have to start the game anew.

Learn how to enhance your combat skills. By utilizing a variety of abilities in tandem. Or, you may arm yourself with the martial arts techniques of other religions. You may even team up with your other gamers and battle side by side.

Modes of Play

The mod primarily has a single-player mode and a two-player option for play. In single-player mode, you'll face off against a computerized foe hosted on the server. Players can use this mode to get used to the game's controls and mechanics.

You may meet new people and play with them in 2-player mode. Confront and vanquish creatures by banding together and supporting one another. You may use this to sharpen your abilities and learn more effective ways to combat.

Multiple difficulties

The objective of each combat is to guide your character away from the clutches of the adversary. Find a solution to get out of this dire situation, much as in dramatic survival games. The game's tasks get progressively more challenging. As you go through the game, the complexity and quantity of adversaries will increase. Needs consistent investment in improving fighting prowess. There are ten more tests for you to take on in the depths of the dungeon. Included are a series of minigames that, when completed, yield substantial prizes and materials. Taking on these tests will lead to richer, more varied encounters.

Various weapons and martial arts practices

Đại Hiệp Chạy Đi Mod APK Latest version will take a considerable amount of time to master the game's complex equipment system and the vast knowledge of its numerous sects in order to assist the player in acquiring tasty goodies and potent techniques.

The choice of weapon is also important, as each type of weapon has a unique attack, and certain types are more suited to hunting bosses than to completing routine levels.

To gain access to more sect talents, increasing your Position is crucial; to do so, you need to amass as many contributions as feasible.

Even though gamers agree that Dai Hiep Run Di's gameplay is difficult, they also agree that the more time spent playing, the more hooked they get.

Invite Friends

The "Invite gifts, teams have fun" event encourages users to contact their friends to play together by offering them several tempting rewards if they check-in.

As a result of the exciting state of "cross-coding" among players, nearly all invitations posted will be accepted without delay.

Don't be shy about sending out invites; you'll be showered in hot presents if you do. Get moving if you don't want to lose out on this incentive.

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