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1.2.1 for Android
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Nov 20, 2023
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6.0 and up
Role Playing
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Known for its role-playing game, Deltarune Android APK brings Susie to the world's rescue. This is a sequel to the Undertale game.

In the game, players control Kris, a teenager who will work alongside Susie, a monster, and Ralsei, a prince from the Dark World, to save the world. They meet the inhabitants of the "Dark World" during their quest to seal the "Dark Fountains", prophesied to end the world. A bullet hell attack is the basis for Deltarune's combat system. A peaceful solution to an enemy encounter is possible as well as a violent one.

There is something nostalgic about Deltarune's layout. In addition to the classic design, it also features throwback music. Although Deltarune's graphics and imagery are quite old, the references and humor you'll find are quite modern, making it firmly rooted in the modern age. It's also important to note that the game is part of a much larger project, which has not yet been released.


The plot of the Deltarune APK English is similar to Undertale's, in which the protagonist is trapped in a monster-filled underworld and must find his way back to civilization. A number of characters are central to the story in the game, including Susie, Lancer, Ralsei, and Kris. It's their dynamics and emotions that drive the game forward, and they're well-rounded individuals.


The story follows Kris and Susie as they find themselves in the Dark World inside the supply closet at their school. As they arrive at the city, Ralsei reveals that they are the three heroes of the Prophecy, the ones who will restore balance to light and dark. As they progress through their adventure, Lancer becomes a friend, and he helps them overthrow his father, King. In addition to saying goodbye to the Dark World, Kris and Susie seal the Eastern Fountain using Kris's human soul. 

Kris and Susie are reunited with each other in Deltarune for Android, then agree to return the following day to the Dark World. Toriel calls Kris, angry at Kris for leaving school late, just as Kris is about to leave the school. Kris will have time to explore Hometown once he leaves school.

What are the similarities between Deltarune and Undertale?

Among the best things about Deltarune APK latest version is that it is perfect for Undertale fans while also creating a new audience. Several characters make appearances in Deltarune, but they don't steal the spotlight from the main characters. There are enough references and allusions in Toby Fox's Undertale, but most are noticed only by hardcore fans.

Does Deltarune deserve a try?

Deltarune APK has a great soundtrack, quirky humor, and nostalgic graphics. Furthermore, the game has multiple endings based on the choices your character makes. It is a free cross-platform game that is part of a popular gaming universe.

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