Demon Fruits Firdaus Dev Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Demon Fruits Firdaus Dev Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.01 Download for Android

App By:
1.01 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 20, 2023
120 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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Sail across mysterious seas in search of power and treasure on an epic pirate adventure. The journey to discover the greatest treasure in Demon Fruits RPG APK will take you through challenges, bonds, and discoveries of lost civilizations.

The Story Unfolds

The game begins with you gathering a crew of aspiring pirates. A world brimming with mysteries and legends awaits you, and you must discover its most valuable treasure. A ruthless navy, devil fruit-related secret societies, and rival pirate crews are just some of the dangers lurking on the open seas. 

It will be up to you to build your reputation by conquering islands and less dangerous pirates in order to survive these dangers. There is no shortage of hazards along the way: deadly storms, volcanic eruptions, and mythical destinations await you. The strength of your crew increases with every victory.


The journey is shaped by the decisions you make as a captain. Bring in specialized sailors, such as master swordsmen and navigators, who have unique skills and backgrounds. You can increase your crew's power by training them, upgrading their abilities, and boosting their synergy. You can gain extraordinary powers by consuming Devil Fruits, but you lose your swimming ability.

Throughout the story, each island encounter provides a new challenge and moves the story forward. Discover cultures that are thriving within thriving civilizations. Navigate through cities filled with crime syndicates and black markets. Discover ancient treasures hidden on remote islands. Battle against giant sea monsters and take part in gladiator tournaments as side quests.

Features of Demon Fruits RPG APK Latest Version

Customizable Crew

Your ideal pirate crew will be comprised of unique crew members with specialized skills. Over time, their abilities will improve and their power will increase.

Training strategy for crews

Make sure your crew knows how to combat, sail, and other skills. Make their combined power greater than their parts by boosting their synergies.

The diverse islands of the world

Discover hidden underwater cities and exotic populated islands with their own stories.

World of highly interactive technology

Actions and decisions have an impact on the open world. By completing missions and conquests, you will build your reputation.

Powers of the Devil Fruit

Become superhuman by eating these rare fruits and sacrificing your ability to swim in return.

There are epic boss battles in this game

Defeat giant sea monsters, legendary pirate crews, and other daunting opponents with skill and strategy.

An in-depth progression system

Ensure your crew has the necessary skills, upgrades his/her weapons and ships, and manages his/her resources to improve his/her chances of survival.

Here are some tips for playing:

  • Get power-ups and hidden treasures by exploring every island thoroughly.
  • Your current team's abilities should be complemented by crew members.
  • Build up your skills and gear by tackling easy areas and sailing in dangerous waters.
  • In boss battles, make sure you take advantage of environmental advantages and special items.
  • You can gain powers from Devil Fruits, but you must limit consumption since they are very rare.
  • Keep the crew morale high by taking shore leave, celebrating, and participating in other crew activities.
  • Take time to improve relationships among crew members in order to maximize synergy.
  • Take advantage of boarding/infiltration tactics rather than direct naval confrontations when possible.


Throughout Demon Fruits RPG Mod APK, your choices determine the fate of your crew. Experience an epic pirate saga on the open seas with a dynamic world full of treasure, allies, and enemies. Whether you are remembered as a legend or a scourge of the sea, how will you be remembered as a captain? The future awaits you.

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