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Echidna Wars APK 1.7 Download for Android

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1.7 for Android
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Feb 23, 2023
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5.0 and up
Role Playing

The Gameplay of Echidna Wars combines hack-and-slash elements with platforming elements in an anime-style action-adventure game.

There are humans and anthropomorphic animals that live side by side in the fantasy world of the game. As the story unfolds, the main character, Echidna, transforms into a powerful warrior by transforming into a Therian. On a mission to stop an evil force threatening the world, Echidna faces an evil force. Finding the source of the threat and stopping it will require her to travel through diverse regions and face a variety of enemies.

In Echidna Wars APK, players must combine physical attacks with magical abilities to defeat the boss. In addition to its three forms, the echidna also has several different abilities and moves. A leveling system is also included in the game, which allows players to improve the stats of Echidna and unlock new abilities.

This game features unique platforming mechanics that make it a unique experience. In this game, players must jump over obstacles, avoid traps, and battle enemies. In addition to puzzles, the game includes a variety of levels that require solving them.


As a result of an invasion of inter-dimensional invaders, Millia and her friends are living in Ryonazawa, a provincial city hit by the invasion. The 'Echidna'! Thousands of creatures roam the streets after the cityscape was destroyed. As a result, helpless people die one by one. In order to regain their city and restore peace, Millia and her companions wage war against the Echidna.

A crime exists when dimensions trespass

When a mob of monsters led by the enormous lamia Ouroboros invaded the peaceful province town of Ryonazawa one day, life was going as usual. Monsters enter through spatial holes, and the population dies. A group of four girls called Millia and co. set out to reclaim the city and restore life flow, they undertook the task of reclaiming the city and restoring life flow to it.

It takes four to tame

Platformers with a dash of beat-em-ups are the basis of the gameplay. You can change your character during combat, which makes the game unique. Unlike classic platforms like Mario, this game has four main characters available at once, as opposed to one:

  • A humanoid wolf named Sachiho
  • Mirea, the light-bearer
  • Robot TGO-07 resembles a humanoid
  • She is addicted to nicotine and carries a gun

You don't have to chop up enemies mercilessly in the game. The erotic material in Echidna Wars APK can be found throughout the game. From the nearly-sexual animation of the damage to the naked breasts of the lamia monsters.

Heroes and their methods of dealing with them

There are no rapes in Alien Quest: Eve, but the monsters devour unsuspecting girls in order to ravish themselves. Getting caught up in such lustful traps can lead to considerable health loss. You can access the archive with all the animations once you have completed the entire story and defeated the main boss. 

This game has the following key features

Tools for specialized tasks

The story is told from the perspective of four different characters, each of whom has a special ability that sets them apart from one another. At different phases of the game, you will be able to utilize each ability to defeat the boss. You will face increasing challenges with each level, but there is always a way to succeed.

With excellent visuals, but they are pixelated, you will feel like you are playing old classics while speeding up your gaming experience.

The more vintage games you play, the more comfortable you will become with them, as previously stated.

An immersive gaming experience

As you progress and utilize your skills, you must eliminate numerous bosses in Echidna Wars APK. It mainly depends on the outcome of the previous part for what outfit you wear. You won't be disappointed with the action/strategy experience the game provides.

Streets of Rage and Double Dragon are classic beat-em-ups that were inspired by this game. In order to eliminate as many adversaries as possible, you move toward the right side of the screen. A well-implemented clothing destruction method is among many unnecessary features in the game. You have to balance your budget to stay ahead of inevitable sexual defeat while keeping track of the level of undress you are in.

The graphics

Anime-inspired graphics and smooth animations make the game's graphics stand out. A great soundtrack complements the game's action-packed gameplay, which features catchy tunes.

Critics and players alike have given Echidna Wars DX high marks for its unique combat system, platforming mechanics, and vibrant visuals. Several people have complained about the game's length, as it can be completed quickly. Although there are no new abilities in the game, there is a high replay value that players can gain by improving their scores.

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