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Edge Smart APK - Edge Smart Chain 1.2.5 Download for Android

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1.2.5 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 30, 2023
38 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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The advanced cloud mining technology offered by Edge Smart APK will transform the way you participate in cryptocurrency mining. What makes Edge Smart unique is that you can leverage the edge computing power of your smart devices instead of expensive mining equipment. As a result of combining blockchain and edge computing, The app can offer more efficient, safe, and reliable solutions to a variety of application scenarios, as well as open up new markets in the blockchain sector! Get valuable cryptocurrencies for free with the only crypto app.

Any person interested in cryptocurrencies, stock markets, or finance can download Edge Smart for free. Mining cryptocurrencies directly from your phone is possible because we use a mobile app that does not require costly mining hardware or technical knowledge. Cloud mining with our application is safe and secure thanks to its intuitive interface. Get started earning Edge Smart's crypto assets immediately by creating an account and choosing a mining plan.

Your mining progress can be tracked in real-time and your earnings can be directly deposited into your wallet with Edge Smart. As well as upgrading contracts, you can increase your profits by mining crypto assets faster. As an additional benefit, we also offer a referral program where you can earn additional crypto assets and rewards for referring friends and family.

Edge Smart's Latest Version combines the power of edge computing with the security and trust of blockchain technology. We realize distributed collaboration and resource sharing among devices through blockchain nodes and smart contracts deployed on edge devices (smart mobile devices).

As a result of Edge Smart, edge devices are able to share computing resources, storage space, and data processing capabilities safely. In order to ensure credibility and transparency, records of these interactions and resource sharing are kept on blockchains.

By combining edge computing with blockchain, This tool solves some issues associated with traditional cloud computing:

By reducing reliance on centralized cloud servers, Edge Smart accelerates data processing and response times.

Due to the immutability of blockchain and the programmability of smart contracts, It enhances data security and privacy protection.

With this app, edge devices can share resources, collaborate, and consume more computing power.

In addition to being a telecommunications practice, Edge Smart offers businesses and individuals a more efficient, secure, and trusted computing environment. Edge computing and blockchain integration are expected to strengthen the digital economy and have a positive impact on society.

Universal @Edge

There is a unique smart device associated with every EdgeSmart account, readable as @EdgeSmart. Using edge computing without complex operations is as simple as you expect.

Verified Identity

A user's permissions may be used to query the identities of multiple node providers. Of course, EdgeSmartChain is sensitive to their privacy.

Designed for computing at the edge

With EdgeSmart, you can perform calculations on such devices as smartphones and tablets as well as images, blocks, and other data files. The data you need to calculate can be excluded from AI Edge Permission for developers.

Per second, 7,000 transactions take place

We stress-tested the EdgeSmart every day and exceeded its performance. Over 10 million transactions have been processed. Centers, and blockchain applications, can handle much more traffic than the office because the data is smaller.

The gas fee for users is extremely low

Users can almost always transact for free. A $20 payment is sent to someone, and the recipient receives $ 19.999 USD. No payment is required from you. There is no edge hierarchical cost processing applied to any of the resources

EdgeSmart users can share requests

The EdgeSmart app enables users to request edges and interact with blockchains through their EdgeSmart devices. As a result of this revolutionary technology, conventional centralized data centers are no longer necessary, as well as third-party intermediaries as the devices will be able to interact and share assets directly, thanks to decentralized edge computing and blockchain networks.

ESC token

In addition to governance, EdgeSmart tokens distribute network resources and reward resource sharing.

Edge Dao

It is the right of token holders to vote by supporting EdgeSmartChain so that integrity can be maintained and changes to the agreement can be voted on.


The chain itself can distribute resources to applications. By doing so, the development of the Web3 protocol can be funded


By sharing resources through Share, we earn rewards through ESC.

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