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Feb 01, 2023
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In recent years, agriculture and farming have become high-risk sports due to climate change and increasing weather uncertainty. Changing weather patterns and pests and diseases make it impossible for farmers to use traditional weather indicators to make decisions. Agricultural input costs are rising, productivity is declining, market volatility is increasing, and returns are declining, making farming unattractive.

It is imperative that farmers have access to weather-responsive advisories across key aspects of agricultural operations through a dynamic decision support system tailored to their specific farm. Weather-induced risks can be mitigated, production losses reduced, productivity increased, and incomes improved as a result.

A mobile app developed by the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) addresses this need by providing weather-based, farm-specific crop management advisories. Farming decisions can then be made appropriately and in the best interest of the farmer.

About FarmPrecise APK

You can receive personalized weather advisories specific to your crop location with FarmPrecise App. Through integrated pest management, optimal fertilizer management, and irrigation, it promotes sustainable agriculture practices, leading to improved crop productivity.

Agriculture and farming have become high-risk gambles due to climate change and growing uncertainty about the weather. It is becoming increasingly difficult for smallholder farmers, who represent at least 85% of the farming community in India, to make farming a viable source of income and livelihood because of rising agricultural input costs, low productivity, market volatility, and low returns. 

As a solution to these challenges, WOTR has developed a mobile application, "FarmPrecise APK", which allows farmers to customize an agricultural decision support system according to their specific crops, farm resources, and geographic location.

Among FarmPrecise's unique features are:

  • The advisory is participatory, with the farmer co-creating it by providing information and feedback about farms and crops;
  • Daily farming advisories are generated based on the current weather and agricultural conditions for all aspects of the crop cycle.
  • Weather advisories are dynamic - they are tailored to the changing conditions during the day.
  • In addition to crop type, date of sowing, fertilizer used, soil type, and soil fertility, the system can be customized for each farm.
  • Eco-friendly practices are emphasized and integrated solutions are offered.

The FarmPrecise App allows me to do what I want.

Detailed weather report

Use Open Weather Services and Indian Meteorological Department for five-day forecasts in planning your farm activities.

Advisory on crop production

Follow nutritional and irrigation advisories, nutrient recommendations, and cultural practices for high yields and reduced expenses.

Calculator for fertilizer

Calculate fertilizer requirements for your crop based on soil test results.

Discussion forum for the community

You can ask your question and get a response from the community of farmers and agronomists

Journal of a farm

Your farm's inputs and expenditures should be noted. Make a plan for the upcoming season after you analyze all your expenditures.

FarmPrecise offers the following features 

Farmers can make informed decisions using 5-day weather forecasts from IMD and OpenWeather. The recommendation to apply or spray fertilizers or pesticides is based on the weather forecast every three hours, thus reducing the risk associated with weather-related diseases.

An irrigation advisory describes irrigation recommendations based on soil and weather conditions, crop water requirements, and crop water requirements. As soon as possible, we will incorporate Remote Sensing data into our advisories in order to provide specific results.

Input soil test reports and farm yard manure (FYM) to calculate the amount of fertilizer to use. According to local availability and cost, farmers can select from a variety of fertilizer combinations and doses using algorithms. It is also recommended to use organic and biological products that can be prepared locally or that are readily available.

Management of pests and diseases through integrated approaches: 

In order to prevent losses from crop phenology and agroclimatic zones, we recommend nature-based formulations or cultural operations based on these factors. Infestations above the Economic Threshold Level should be treated with chemical measures.

Expert Consultation Forum for the Community: 

Agricultural agronomists, as well as progressive farmers facing similar issues, assist farmers in finding a timely resolution. A photo of the crop issue is posted, the crop is diagnosed, and a potential remedy is discussed.

Inputs and expenses on the farm can be tracked using a farm diary. The data obtained over time becomes valuable in determining what works, optimizing inputs, and increasing farm productivity.

The farm's boundaries are as follows: 

By providing geofence information about their farms, farmers are able to apply remote sensing and other data sets to their operations. By targeting and customizing advisories, this can be achieved.

In order to bridge the information gap, Market Prices provides the latest crop prices in nearby markets. 

It contains the latest information on government schemes and events taking place in the agriculture sector, letting farmers stay on top of all the latest developments.

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