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Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese APK 1.0 Download for Android

1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 23, 2023
57.6 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up
Role Playing
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Greetings from Chuck-E-Cheese's relaunched new adventures for Scary Five Nights!

You are confined to her eerie home by terrifying Chuck E. Cheese animatronics. You must now make an effort to escape her terrifying Chuck E. Cheese home, but you must do it quietly and carefully. Chuck-e-cheese is a scary place where you can hear everything. if anything falls to the ground.

About Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese APK

One of the finest horror response games is Five Nights at Chuck-E-Cheese, which you can play through our Escape Horror Neighborhood game.

The goal of the simple to-play Scary Five Nights at Chuck E Cheese Rebooted APK is to find and conceal as many as you can while dodging the animatronics in order to obtain Exit.


In Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese Mobile, you take on the role of a security guard who is left behind inside the restaurant for the night. Five nights indoors, as something evil looms in the shadows, is what you have to endure. Your task will be to keep an eye out for any unusual behavior using a camera system and your own hearing. 

Put your flashlight on high alert and swiftly illuminate the area if you hear anything sneak up on you. Chuck E. and his pals have started acting really oddly at night, so be careful. Remain clear and make sure not to drop anything! A key to winning this terrifying game of cat and mouse is stealth and care.

The Game's Story 

You can play as the most prominent character in the game, a guard, and the action takes place in a pitch-black structure. To make sure that everything in this building is conventional, you would want to monitor the security system and closely inspect every area. It goes without saying that your work won't be easy at all. Something strange is happening all around you. It lurks in the shadows and ambushes you out of the blue. Exercise caution!

The flame, loud noises, and several jumpscares are all part of the game. Before we play the sport, let's talk about your safety

Features of Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese Android Download

  • A spin on horror at a family amusement park 
  • Check camera feeds for any unusual activities.
  • To identify adversaries, use acoustic clues and a flashlight.  
  • Steer clear of scary The animatronics of Chuck E. Cheese 
  • tense stealth horror experience
  • Many jump scares at the abandoned restaurant

Some Playing Tips

  • Regularly check for camera blind spots
  • Preserve the life of flashlight batteries
  • When necessary, use sound diversions.
  • Keep robots away from you before shining your light.
  • Make it through one night at a time until your shift ends.

This unofficial fan-made mod delivers exciting shocks and shivers if you enjoy frightening games or FNAF! Test your endurance by spending Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese Free Download as spectral figures lurk in the shadows!

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