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Gacha Evolution APK 0.5 Download for Android

App By:
Mishy Go!
0.5 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 12, 2023
119 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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Originally known as Gacha Motion, Gacha Evolution evolved into Gacha Motion Pro and has now been renamed Gacha Evolution APK. 

There is a difference in the quality of items included in the new phase of the project, and it is very promising. Before, there were some nice outfits, but now that they are being improved, they look even better.

In this new version of the Gacha club, we see more amazing tools as compared to the old version. By using the application, you can animate your characters in many different ways. The excellently designed user interface and themes further enhance the quality of the platform. As a result, it offers a wide range of tools, features, and icons that can be easily used for free. To get a better understanding of the game tactics, the user can take advantage of all these features.

Moreover, this new version of the application has added exciting new cloth items to the game as well as improved many aspects of the game. With skirts, shoes, headgear, bracelets, hairstyles, and more, users can easily customize a character's dress code. To give a realistic touch to the visuals, the quality of the images is enhanced to higher resolutions. As well as changing the accessories in the background, new ones can also be added.

About Gacha Evolution APK

The game includes a new tab for pets, as shown in previous versions. Pets are now available with new appearances that match the requirements of the game. Additionally, certain hairstyles are reminiscent of previous versions, but their colors and lengths have changed. As a result, this mod of the Gacha club game contains many new items.

Moreover, this new mod version includes no premium items or tools and is completely free to download. Accessories, costumes, backgrounds, hairstyles, editing tools, etc. are all free. Neither registration nor verification will be required for this application. The platform is open to your imagination, so feel free to install it and play around.

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Features of Gacha Evolution Free Download

User interface designed with simplicity

An icon or tool does not hide anywhere in the user interface of the application, so it is a user-friendly application. In the main menu, all accessories are organized in an organized manner.

Photo quality that exceeds expectations

In this new mod version, pictures and videos have been improved to give the game a more interesting appearance. In addition, we have improved the chat feature to make it easier to communicate.

Draw and animate characters

In addition to animating the characters, the gamer can also customize their appearance. Gacha Evolution Online is also equipped with new animation possibilities for new users to use and design characters easily.


Real background images can now be imported into the game to give it a more realistic look. As well as the library, you can use the gallery to obtain these images.

Clothing new to the market

For the characters, new shirts, poses, pants, skirts, headgear, etc. are available. All premium cloth items can be unlocked for free by the player.

Hairstyles for the new year

The character's appearance depends on the hairstyle as well and messy hair does not suit a gentle character very well. The characters can choose from a wide variety of new hairstyles.


Additionally, all new and premium features will be unlocked without spending any money. It is a new mod version of Gacha Club that allows players to create outstanding characters by using unlimited items. Players are also not irritated by additional files or advertisements. Now that you have found the best application, it's time to download it!

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