Garten Of BanBan 2 APK

Garten Of BanBan 2 APK 1.0.0 Download for Android

1.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 13, 2023
64 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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In continuing the story of Banban's Kindergarten, we see what happens next. Learn more about this strange establishment, which was left suspiciously empty. As you uncover the truth behind the place, you'll have to survive the unexpected residents... 

There is only one way to escape it and to do so you have to find the clues and kill the green monster in the Garten Of BanBan.

Introducing Garten Of BanBan 2 APK, which lets you escape, fight, and run.

A massive underground facility was discovered at Banban's Kindergarten! The thought never crossed my mind! It was unfortunate that your curiosity led to a painful discovery since your elevator crashed. Now that you have landed in a new area of the facility, you must explore it, uncover the terrifying truth about the place, and get out alive.

Are you ready to dive into a scary adventure that you won't be able to ignore? Please accept our warmest welcome to Garten of Banban 2! An empty kindergarten where everyone left one day in an unknown direction remains the focus of the game, which continues the story of the original game. 

There is no telling what happened inside these eerie walls or what you should expect. The only way to find out what went wrong is to look around and collect any clues you can that will guide you to who the missing kids are. Don't let time linger between you and your mission!

Where have all the people gone?

It is a similar concept to games such as Poppy Playtime in Garten of Banban 2. You’re all alone in a huge building that used to be a kindergarten. Actually, you are not as alone as you thought, but more on that later. The only way to find out whether you are on the right track is to search every room and every corner for any evidence or information. 

You won't be able to cover the entire map in a short period of time. Moreover, there is no sense in hurrying up since you do not know what you are up against and whether you are in danger. Take your time when entering a new room, and watch your step!

There are plenty of puzzles, dangers, and adrenaline rushes!

In your quest for answers, you will face a lot of puzzles that must be solved. While some will be easy, others will be more challenging and require you to spend some time pondering how to handle them. It's still worth persevering even if you find it hard to solve another riddle. Continue to look for solutions, try looking at the puzzle from a different perspective, and use the objects you have around you to improvise.

Garten Of BanBan 2 APK has its own piece of technology to assist you with wires and reaching far-off places. While in Poppy Playtime, you had to use a special GrabPack to handle the wires. It's like a little drone that you can control around the building and head to various parts of the place you can't get to yourself. Solving the above-mentioned puzzles will be particularly easy with this drone. Check out the second chapter of the popular horror game and learn what surprises and jumpscares you can expect!

Take a journey into Banban's Kindergarten's underworld

A massive underground facility was discovered at Banban's Kindergarten! It never occurred to me! As a result of your curiosity, your elevator crashed, resulting in a painful discovery. In order to escape with your life, you'll have to explore the vast new region of the facility where you've landed, uncover the horrifying secrets behind it, and discover the horrifying truth behind it.

Getting to know more people!

Banban's Kindergarten is the perfect place to make friends! Those friends that you made in the first Garten of Banban are just a fraction of those you can make after the events of the first game, and now that you're stuck in a much deeper chamber, you're sure to make some more!

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