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May 10, 2023
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7.0 and up
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Many of us use a note-taking app or planner to keep track of all the thoughts we need to keep track of throughout the day. The majority of them offer platform-agnostic synchronization, but only a handful do.

Among the best productivity apps, GoodNotes has received high ratings. It can be great to enter the Android ecosystem with a PWA, but PWAs may not provide the same fluid user experience as iOS.

The world's most popular note-taking app is available for Android devices. Now is the time to be part of the GoodNotes for Android APK and help shape its future.

It's better to write than to use real paper

Thanks to GoodNotes' pioneering vector ink engine, you'll experience fast, intuitive, and natural writing.

Select the type of pen you want (fountain pen, ball pen, brush pen, or highlighter) and customize its color, thickness, and style.

Stylus is compatible with compatible writing instruments.

With the customizable Eraser Tool, you can erase only parts of a stroke or the entire stroke.

Your creativity can be unlocked by creating

You can rotate, resize, zoom, and move your handwriting with the Lasso Tool.

A wide variety of beautiful covers can be used to create unlimited notebooks.

Hundreds of useful paper templates are available, including blank paper, ruled paper, Cornell paper, checklists, to-do lists, planners, and music paper.

Taking notes is easier when you use Dark Mode.

GoodNotes for Android APK - SHAPING THE FUTURE

Let us know what you think about our Android note-taking app.

Get in touch with your handwriting freedom

A blank canvas is ideal for writing equations, mind maps, and diagrams. If you haven't edited your ink after noting it down, you should do so.

50+ note templates for all your note-taking needs

Our blank paper is available on dotted paper, graph paper, and Cornell notes. Write whatever comes to mind.

During beta testing, the service is free

In order to celebrate its Beta release, GoodNotes for Android APK is now free! We would appreciate your feedback.

The features are better, the notes are better

Taking notes digitally just got easier. Check out these tools.

Your handwriting can be searched

Using a search term, you can locate all handwritten or typed references to the term in your library. Your handwriting will always be recognized with powerful handwriting recognition software.

PPTs and PDFs can be annotated

With a PDF or PowerPoint annotation tool, you can easily annotate articles, sign documents, or write on lecture slides without having to type.

Create your own note-organizing system

It's easy to find notes, PDFs, and files regardless of how many folders and subfolders you create.

Notebooks with your own personalization

From graph paper, dotted paper, and lined paper to weekly planners, you can choose from a variety of covers and templates. Or create your own custom template.

Elements can be saved and reused

The Elements tool makes it simple to save and insert frequently used items such as stickers, images, text, formulas & diagrams.

Keep an audio recorder handy

Make sure you don't miss a thing by recording audio while you take notes! Listen to audio recordings and see your notes reappear simultaneously.

The Mac version of your notes is available

Your latest notes can always be accessed from wherever you prefer with our Mac app, which is free of charge.

You can easily share your notes with others

You can work on the same notebook with several people at the same time. The Shared Documents feature gives you a link you can share anywhere you want to collaborate.

Flash cards are a great study tool

With the built-in study mode for flashcards, you can test yourself and learn more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GoodNotes work with PDF annotations?

The iPad supports marking up and annotating PDFs with GoodNote.

Are mobile devices supported by GoodNotes?

Apple's iPhone is compatible with GoodNotes. You will also have the full version of GoodNotes on your iPhone if you have already unlocked it on iPad or Mac.

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