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Oct 19, 2023
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5.0 and up
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Grayjay APK is an innovative platform for finding and sharing information. Plunge into a universe where artists, rather than platforms, have the power. This is much more than simply an app; it's a gateway to a universe teeming with material and equipped with tools designed with you and your freedom in mind.

Watch - What you want to watch:

One Universal Feed

With this function, consumers may subscribe to a single feed that aggregates information from numerous sources. Videos from YouTube sit comfortably alongside live streams from Twitch and Patreon and sponsored content from sites like Patreon. The watching experience is streamlined into one central spot.

Your Recommendations

When you sign in using one of the supported platforms, you'll get suggested reading material that's formatted much like what you'd see on the service's main page. This guarantees that your favored material is always accessible, without requiring you to jump between devices.

Import your Data

Subscriptions and playlists may be imported from many different services into Grayjay APK. This simplifies the process of getting to the videos you care about most.

Play - How you want to play:

Background Play

Benefit from having a variety of options for consuming media. This App allows you to choose between Picture-in-Picture and background play. You may do other things while making your movie if you like.

Offline Playback

If you're going on a lengthy vacation where your internet connection could be spotty, or if you just want to save some data, Grayjay lets you download films in advance. This guarantees access to your preferred media even if you are disconnected from the internet.

Live Streams and Chat

It allows users to concurrently watch videos from any supported platform and participate in live conversation. With this function, you may interact with the media you're watching.

Discover - What you like to discover:

Watch Platforms You Like

You may tailor your watching experience by selecting your preferred platform(s). Plugins allow you to modify your experience if you don't like the default settings, such as the home feed, for a certain platform.

Mixing Paid and Unpaid Content

With Grayjay APK's Latest version, supporting your favorite artists on Patreon is easier than ever. You may easily access both paid and unpaid material without ever having to switch between them thanks to the Patreon plugin.

Offline Subscriptions

The app's offline subscription feature makes it simple to add new content providers to your feed without disrupting your personalized recommendations or other app functionality. With this function, you may switch between different types of programming without having to adjust your choices.

Manage - Organize how you want it:

Offline Playlists

Grayjay APK for Android allows you to make playlists locally on your smartphone, giving you full command over your media consumption. You may create a really unique watching experience by playing these playlists in any sequence you choose, looping them, or using the shuffle function.

Offline History

You can choose to have your viewing history deleted from your device, but it will still be stored there. Your viewing habits will remain private and will never leave your device unless you want to share them.


It enables users to download films and playlists in advance, making it convenient for offline viewing and data conservation.

Casting - Pick your device:

Watch on the Big Screen

Don't restrict yourself to the little mobile phone screen. Casting your material from Grayjay APK to your TV or desktop computer creates a more dramatic and immersive viewing experience.


FCast is a free and open-source receiver that can be used on any computer or Android TV. This guarantees that your material will be accessible regardless of where you choose to view it.


Share your favorite videos with friends and family on a bigger screen by casting them on any Android TV with Chromecast.

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