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Guzheng Master APK 1.8 Download for Android

1.8 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 03, 2023
80.9 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
Music & Audio
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Guzheng is something you may be familiar with, right? How would you like to learn it and how would you like to play it? Here is a great and simple game that provides the best tutorial and experience for learning how to play Guzheng. 

There is also a virtual Chinese plucked zither called Guzheng Master. Professional Guzheng players can use the Guzheng Master APK as an indispensable tool. It's like having a virtual instrument right in your pocket! If you want to jam anywhere and anytime, you don't have to carry your instrument around all the time. All you have to do is download the app and jam away.

It's easy to learn the Chinese stringed instrument with The Guzheng Symbol game that's both educational and entertaining. You can learn Guzheng with this app if you are interested. This is an interactive game that will help you become familiar with it.

There's no charge for Guzheng Symbol, so you may want to start there. Getting the best learning experience does not cost anything. There's nothing complicated about using the app.

Also, the graphics on the app are very nice. Fun and entertainment are the goals of these games. There is a lot of cuteness in the animation.

What is Guzheng

Beginners can easily pick up the Guzheng and that's one of the reasons why this instrument is suitable for online lessons. The tone sounds like flowing waters with a crystalline quality.

Zithers are plucked instruments in Chinese culture, such as the guzheng. Modern guzhengs often have 21, 25, or 26 strings, measure 64 inches (5.33 feet) long, and are tuned to a major pentatonic scale. Soundboard is made of Paulownia wood, which is resonant and resonant. Often, other woods are used for structural and decorative components. A single or both hands are usually covered with a fingerpick made of plastic, resin, tortoiseshell, or ivory when playing the guzheng instrument.

Many Interesting Features are Available in Guzheng Master APK

  • It has 21 strings and is a full-string guzheng
  • There are two ways of playing the right hand: Plucking, Glissing, and Tremoloing (Shake/Shake) / Automatic Tremoloing, and Overtoning
  • The left hand has four playing techniques: pitch slide, small vibrato, big vibrato, and tap pitch (Dian Yin - tap pitch).
  • A learning mode that makes learning easy
  • Practice music through music games
  • While playing, it would be nice to be able to record audio
  • There are more than 650,000 songs in music songbooks to choose from
  • The "Shake" technique will be automatically played when a touch moves horizontally across the string.
  • The device supports multi-touch and swipes
  • Pitch Slider Bar for easy zooming and scrolling with drag-and-pinch gestures
  • The "Dian Yin" effect can be made by going up and down the pitch slider after plucking the string to create a "Dian Yin" sound effect

What's New

  • A tapping mode for strings
  • Modulator using vibrato strings
  • The vibrato level can be controlled by tapping the string
  • Your song should be recorded
  • The optimization of performance
  • Snap/Touch mode for strums
  • The multi-touch and swipe support has been fixed.
  • On the Pitch Slider Bar, you can easily scroll and zoom with drag/pinch gestures.

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