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1.0 for Android
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Nov 06, 2023
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5.1 and up
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IG Wrapped Instagram APK analyzes Instagram data and activity in depth to provide users with insights. This app by MARH STUDIOS lets you monitor and analyze your Instagram usage in a whole new way.

This third-party app works alongside Instagram's official app. Similarly to Spotify Wrapped, it gives users an overview of their Instagram activity. With this app, you can see the highlights of your Instagram journey based on statistics, patterns, and trends in your Instagram data. 

With the app, you can access your Instagram archive by linking your Instagram account. It provides an interactive slideshow and infographic breakdown of your Instagram activity in 2021 after you download your data from Instagram. Besides insights into your posts and stories, it also provides insights into your followers, engagements, and more. A summary of your top posts, your most liked photos, your hashtags, and filters will appear. 

There is a simple and intuitive interface in the app. In a nutshell, the app takes care of all the work after you sync your Instagram archive data. A beautiful slide presentation presents the data in an engaging and fun manner. Your activity is detailed on a number of slides that can be swiped through. Seeing patterns and trends in your usage is very interesting with the infographics and visuals.

Features of IG Wrapped Instagram APK

Review of the past year

The most active followers, top posts, and peak engagement times on Instagram over the past year are all included in this detailed analysis.

Engagement Analytics

A clear understanding of your audience's most engaging content is provided by insightful analytics.

Follower Analysis

Followers who have recently joined followed but then left, and the most frequently interacted with your content users.

Stories designed specifically for you

Your followers will be able to see your year through custom stories on Instagram.

The attractive thing about IG Wrapped Instagram Android APK is that it presents your digital narrative in a neat, shareable package. There is a wealth of information available in this app that is invaluable to anyone who treasures memories, an influencer who values engagement, or a brand that tracks its growth. Social media influence and your digital footprint go beyond vanity metrics.

Advantages of this amazing app

Detailed Analytics

Content creators, marketers, and businesses seeking to optimize their social media strategies can get in-depth insights into their Instagram activity.

A variety of custom reports are available

You can better understand your growth and engagement on Instagram by having personalized reports on your yearly activities.

A content strategy that is more effective

Users may be able to boost engagement by tailoring their future posts to better suit their audience's preferences by understanding which content performs best.

Engaging users

In order to grow a more engaged community, features such as custom stories about a user's year can increase interaction.

Having a nostalgic feeling

In addition to giving a sense of nostalgia and a recap of their social media life, users can enjoy looking back on their top moments and memories from the year.


You can gain actionable insights into your Instagram presence with IG Wrapped Instagram APK Latest version. Improve your Instagram strategy for 2022 by utilizing the interactive and easy-to-understand analysis. Let's unravel IG Wrapped together!

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