Incredibox V9 APK (Wekiddy) APK

Incredibox V9 APK (Wekiddy) 0.6.6 Download for Android

App By:
So Far So Good
0.6.6 for Android
Updated On:
May 03, 2023
101 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up

An indie game based on beatboxing, Incredibox APK was created and developed by French company So Far So Good. The game features a group of virtual beatboxers called Incredimen, who cross different genres to create a musical composition. An amalgamation of "Incredibox" with "Beatbox", the voice and face of Incredibox.

You can create your own music with Incredible Box's merry band of beatboxers. Lay down your mix, record it, and share it among 9 impressive atmospheres.

As much as a game and as much as a tool, Incredibox V9 APK is mostly an audiovisual experience that people of all ages enjoy. This interactive game is ideal for anyone who enjoys music, graphics, animation, and interactivity. It is now being used in schools around the world because it makes learning fun and entertaining.

There are various versions of Incredibox available like Alpha, Little Miss, Sunrise, The Love, Brazil, Alive, Jeevan, Dystopia, and Wekiddy.


The player selects one of eight versions and is presented with a gray space with seven identical characters that are totally topless, while the area below contains twenty icons divided into four categories: Beats, Effects, Melodies, and Voices. A similar color palette is used for each of the five sounds in each category.

In order to apply an outfit and make one of the characters sing, the player must drag an icon onto the character. There are different sounds and outfits associated with each icon. A few seconds of animated bonus are also available by finding the right combination of five sounds. Different combinations of icons can unlock three bonuses for each version of the game. For a change of pace, you can enter Shuffle Mode, where the game automatically continues the song by picking random icons. Recording and publishing your song is also possible, with the goal of becoming ranked in the top 50.

Experience Incredibox V9 APK to the fullest

You can enjoy hip-hop beats, electro waves, pop voices, jazzy swing, Brazilian rhythms, and other musical influences by downloading the app. Your app allows you to manage all your creations easily. This game is jam-packed with features and has no ads or microtransactions, only music and hours of entertainment. Get it pumping and chill out!

With Wekiddy, Incredibox is up to version nine.

V9's "WEKIDDY" puts a retro-futuristic spin on the '90s, creating sweet and sticky ear candy with carefree vibes. A colorful explosion of styles combines throwbacks to Gold Age hip hop, homages to pre-Web Pop Culture, and nods to previous Incredibox versions. The flow will have you banging your head.


Incredibox versions such as Wekiddy are exotic and innovative. Incredibox V9 APK explores exciting new concepts such as 90s hip-hop culture, pre-web popular culture, and references to other versions of the app. It's vibrant, and colorful, and has references to other versions of the app.


  • Unlike previous versions where all sound designs were consistent with their category, this first version features a variety of colors.
  • The sound filenames have finally been properly renamed in this version.
  • This may not have been the original plan, given the first teaser video.
  • Among Incredibox's app-exclusive versions, Wekiddy is the fifth.
  • As with Dystopia, this version makes nods to previous Incredibox releases.
  • It appears the version may be called "Swingy" based on the first teaser, "teaser swingy - pistes".
  • A character named Swingy appears in the teaser.


The latest version of Incredibox APK and all future versions are available in one app. V5 Brazil, V6 Alive, V7 Jeevan, V8 Dystopia, and V9 Wekiddy are five exclusive new atmospheres that you can experience.

There are no ads

You won't be bothered by pop-up ads that ruin your mood. This makes the app completely safe for kids and students, and it's much more enjoyable to use.

Audio file in MP3 format

Your mixes can be downloaded as MP3 files, so you can enjoy them at your leisure.

List of mixtapes

Mixes are automatically saved to your Mixlist each time they are recorded. Your tracks can be managed there: reviewed, shared, downloaded, deleted, and even made private.

A dark mode is available

Are you more comfortable playing without lights? This interface has been redesigned in Dark mode, so you should appreciate it.

Suitable for children

The sharing capabilities of all apps can be disabled by parents. By doing so, your child will not be redirected to the Internet and will not be exposed to the content created by other users.

How to play? 

That's it! You can compose your own music by dragging and dropping icons onto your avatars. Adding animated choruses to your song is as easy as finding the right sound combo.

Get your mix saved, shared, and downloaded! Your mix will be available as soon as you save your composition. Sharing it with anyone is easy, and they can listen and vote too.

It is possible to become a part of the Top 50 chart on Incredibox if your mix is deemed good enough and receives enough votes from other users. Is your stuff ready for the public to see?

Having a hard time creating your own mix? The automatic mode will take care of everything for you!

It's all about pumping it up and chilling.