iOS Emoji For Android APK (Instagram)

iOS Emoji For Android APK (Instagram) 18.0 Download for Android

App By:
CodeX Studio
18.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 25, 2023
15.3 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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iOS Emoji For Android APK allows you to search emojis on the keyboard to see those on your iPhone.

Are you looking for a way to make iOS emojis work on your Android device?

The clear and professional theme on your Android Emoji keyboard is easily enjoyed with this app. It will satisfy your need for a similar keyboard to the one on your iPhone. iOS Emoji For Android APK has beautiful OS 12 skins and an OS 11 theme.

You can make your keyboard look beautiful and fancy with Real Phone X Emoji Keyboard. Search iPhone Keyboard for emoji keyboards and customize your phone!

In order to provide a high-quality interactive experience, we make our best effort. You can type faster and smoother when you use iOS emojis for the Android theme.

  • An extensive collection of new emojis
  • Backgrounds for keyboards of various types
  • Themes with bright colors for keyboards.
  • An emoji keyboard and comprehensive emoji symbol set
  • An Android app that lets you use Apple Emojis

You can often customize your iPhone emoji experience on Android via iPhone emojis for Android apps. Your conversations may be personalized and tailored to your preferences with new Apple Emojis, such as different emoji symbols, themes, styles, and variations.

The iPhone emojis Android app also provides a keyboard alternative, allowing users to customize their keyboards to their liking. Emoji faces in this app follow the iOS style, but you can also enjoy a comprehensive emoji and typing experience.

Feature of iOS Emoji For Android APK

  • Emojis from iOS aren't for the Phone X theme launcher but for a keyboard with emojis.
  • Emojis for the new Phone 8 and emoticons for the new Phone X
  • With this cool fancy keyboard, you can type with gestures in 8 fonts.
  • With Phone X keyboards, you can choose the next word and auto-correct
  • Copier: copy and paste any content, split and resize the keyboard, recognize mistypes, and suggest corrections.
  • With the swipe keyboard, you can type fast and easily with emojis.
  • The pink, blue, red, and green colors are inspired by the iOS emojis for Android with a Material UI style and theme font style.

Users of Android devices will be able to access the iPhone-style emojis commonly found on iPhones and iPads with this app.

It is common for Android devices to come with emojis that may differ from the style of those on the new iPhones. Ensure consistency across platforms by replacing Android's default emojis with iOS-style ones if you prefer the visual appearance and design of iOS.

Adding a touch of levity and emotion to conversations has become easier with the use of emojis, which have become an integral part of modern communication. You can access a broader selection of emoji faces on Android devices by using iOS Emoji For Android APK. Your communication experience will be improved, especially if you interact with friends, colleagues, or family who primarily use iOS devices.

The best keyboard alternative for Android

Collection of new emojis: heart emoji, skull emoji, laughing emoji, sad emoji, nerd emoji, thumbs up emoji, movie emoji, shrugging emoji, cute emoji, crying emoji, fire emoji, star emoji, high five emoji, smile emoji, emoji Facebook, love emoji, salute emoji, poop emoji, eyes emoji, discord emojis, hug emoji, thinking emoji, happy emoji, angry emoji, smiley emoji, kiss emoji, cursed emoji, etc.

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