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0.20.14 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 08, 2023
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7.0 and up
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The action game Kingdom: The Blood APK is based on a well-liked Korean zombie apocalypse television series. Players use melee combat and other talents to face waves of undead in Joseon-era Korea.

Throughout the game, players will notice the traditional Korean attire and distinctive architectural designs created with top-notch visuals. As you progress through the game, you'll notice a variety of traditional attire, such as the "gat," the way the clothes flutter during an action skill, and an accurate recreation of the small elements of traditional architecture, like the curve of the roof tiles. Relive the breathtaking beauty of Korea that enthralled people worldwide.


The main gameplay consists of using manual controls to attack, evade, and unleash talents while fending against legions of zombies. To win, players must keep their cool and employ quick moves and combos.

Frightening and menacing zombie fights

Zombie hordes armed with melee weapons will confront you. Zombies strike with scary speed, emerge out of nowhere, and attack. Take part in a tiring zombie fight.

bosses and monsters with distinct patterns of attack

As the difficulty level rises, bosses and foes in human form also arrive in addition to zombies. The gamers will be enthralled with their distinctive looks and movements.

Important Features of Kingdom: The Blood Android APK

  • hordes of menacing undead
  • different enemy kinds with distinct patterns
  • Exciting system for action battle
  • Combinations of skills are possible with manual controls.
  • Cooperative multiplayer and PvP combat
  • Practicing to improve abilities


Apart from the typical zombies, there are enemy types with distinct motions and ways of attacking. Combat is kept interesting and challenging by encountering fresh opponents.


The melee combat system emphasizes physical dexterity over simple button bashing and is fast-paced and exciting. Deep combat is made possible by chaining movements, dodges, basic attacks, skills, and weapon swaps.


Players can engage in boss fights in cooperative modes. Test your mettle in 1v1 duels in competitive PvP. Players can further prepare by sharpening their abilities in training mode.

All things considered, Survive Joseon offers a distinct Korean zombie apocalypse atmosphere combined with intense action combat that centers on using melee weapons skillfully against hordes of zombies.

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