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8 for Android
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Mar 04, 2023
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5.1 and up
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The LAB2-Underground APK features a very entertaining adventure game that lets you transform into special characters and defeat monsters.

It has been possible to mimic crimes and use deduction to identify the culprits in some Sherlock Holmes games and detective games. Newly inserted ends are attracted to an attractive mechanism. There are six cases in total, and each case will be decided according to the offense committed by the accused. Depending on your perspective, both the story and voice acting for each case are very well done.

About LAB2 UndeR GrounD APK

In Lab2 Under Ground, players explore the underground while collecting weapons and items. Separate weapons are used for long- and short-range combat. Improve your character by leveling up, collecting weapons, and getting items.

In this game, you play a graphical platformer with animation. Invest in weapons, equipment, and abilities to equip your character. There will be no distinction between short-range and long-range weapons. The underground facility of the laboratory experienced an event. Investigations are under her control. In the underground laboratory, what is happening?

The story

Underground laboratory facilities were the scene of an accident. As a researcher, you will discover what went wrong with the experiment. An unpredictable situation is always present. Join us for an experience you'll never forget!

What type of play do you prefer?

The journey requires weapons, so gather them for exploration. Become better by leveling up, collecting weapons, getting items, and improving your character. The use of long-range weapons differs from the use of short-range weapons.

Features of LAB2 UndeR GrounD APK

Retro aesthetics in classic style

Lab2 Under Ground combines pixel graphics with side-scrolling gameplay to bring you back to your childhood. It has an impressive throwback feel, and you'll quickly become absorbed in its background as detailed enemies chase you, firing colorful shots from your firearms.

A satisfying gaming experience

It is a game that's addictive and satisfying from start to finish. It's a blast to take on your enemies on the side-scrolling, sliding, and jetpack mechanics in this game.

Designs with beautiful characters

The lead heroines in the game are the show's stars. Their brightly colored outfits make navigation in the game easier while giving players a reason to stay focused.

Variety of enemies

Players will not lose focus in Lab2 Under Ground APK due to the wide variety of enemies. There is no rush when it comes to beating enemies, and you must devise a unique strategy for each one. It introduces monsters to keep things interesting and prevent things from getting boring.

An entertaining story that will keep you entertained

It has an exciting plot that will keep you hooked on it. There are a lot of twists and turns in the narrative of this game that is worthy of writing awards. As I awaited each story nugget to be released, I anticipated putting the whole story together.

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