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Luna Origin APK 1.0.717 Download for Android

1.0.717 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 12, 2023
1010 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
Role Playing
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Would you like to participate? In the most exciting fantasy land, you can enjoy the most exciting adventure

We're going back to the past with the most adorable characters you've ever seen

With its new version, Luna Origin has become one of the best MMORPGs for mobile devices. Perfect in every way.

About Luna Origin APK

In this game, you can enjoy cute graphics and an MMORPG experience. It is considered to have many new things for players to experience in the mobile game, which includes cute characters and different careers, such as Elf, Human, Dark Elf, Sword Master, etc., along with cute fashion styles. You don't want to miss this cute piece for young coffee lovers. Mix and match beautiful graphics and themes to create your own unique style. There are different art styles on each level.

A new career will be available for Luna Origin's specialty. Two newly updated careers, Musketeer and Sword Master, will be available directly from the Korean development team. As well as this, weapon effects will be adjusted in style. When you complete the required enhancement level, you will receive the first and only effect!

As far as other systems are concerned, they are all available for you to play with. The choice is yours. You don't have to get bored while playing.

There will be something new and cool in the Ultimate Games version of the game camp. Come see what we can find.

A cute, bright character graphic that is suitable for all genders and ages.

A cute and bright SD style will be used for the characters in LUNA ORIGIN. As well as cute NPCs and pets, everyone can enjoy fun to the fullest with them. In addition to nine careers to choose from, all are complete in terms of effects and maps, whether it's swordsman, mage, warrior, or any of the most popular careers. This was done in an outstanding manner. You will find beautiful skills and an easy-to-read map in this adventure.

It's easier than ever to play the most exciting fighting system.

The gameplay style of Luna Origin APK has been completely redesigned. Players will be able to play with ARPG controls, which make them more comfortable. The system will automate everything with just one button press. We can defeat monsters, send quests, add medicine, or make life easier. For the purpose of playing more

It is possible to play in many styles using the Skill Point system.

  • It is possible to upgrade your skills in two ways: by using skill points and by using mystery points.

It is the skill point that will be used.

  •  We can divide up the skill lines based on the characters we play.

Level-based upgrades are available.

  •  The SP value can be used to upgrade. For each level you upgrade, you will receive 1SP.

Passive abilities are increased by Mystery Points.

  • Whenever you level up, you earn Mastery Points.

Pets and vehicle systems are plentiful, so you will never run out of things to do.

Mounts and pets can be mounted in a variety of ways. There is something cute about each of them. By opening boxes from the item mall, players can find different specialties from pets and mounted animals. In order to open the draw, both diamonds and gold can be purchased. Pets and mounts should be available on the free line. You don't need any technical knowledge to use it.

Fashion outfits that are super cute. You won't get bored wearing it.

The fashion outfits in Luna Origin APK Latest version are one of the game's highlights since there are over 100 to collect. The site will also be updated continuously. As a fashion set or costume, the wearer has increased stats and as a set, passive stats can also be increased.

A PVP arena, a battle royale mode, and a guild-based PVP system

As part of the game, there are many different ways to play the battle system so that players won't get bored. For example, the PVP Arena system allows players to compete against each other. Real-time 1 VS 1 battle, in which the winner receives Battle Points that can be exchanged for various items.

There will be 30 players fighting at the same time in the Battle Royale system. A winner and rewards will be awarded to the last person left. Guild PVP offers players the chance to join a guild and battle each other. There's no doubt that it's fun and exciting.

Luna Origin APK has a number of interesting systems. Here are a few examples. The following are some people who enjoy fantasy adventure games. You shouldn't miss it because Luna Origin will certainly satisfy the needs of MMORPG players. The timing of its opening is up to you. The link below will provide you with the latest game information and movements.

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