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3.0.0 for Android
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Dec 19, 2022
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8.1 and up
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Getting healthy and fit can be accomplished by walking; it is simple and provides complete stretching and stimulation of the body. A daily walk plays an important role in preventing hospitalization.

Nowadays, our daily routine is becoming more and more complex. There is no better way than walking to take it on route if you want to do some exercise every day.

There is a possibility that Macadam will become your walking partner. The app encourages you to walk every day and allows you to earn money through walking.

The app tracks every step you take with a pedometer and rewards you with real financial rewards.

Isn't it nice to have a pedometer that truly motivates you by rewarding your steps? Here's where you can find it!

Whether you are walking, hiking, running or even running a marathon, macadam works well.

How does the Macadam APK work?

You will be rewarded for your steps on Macadam. In this application, your steps are converted into points based on the pedometer in your phone.

A promotional code can be exchanged for the points, or the points can be converted into €.

This app collects what kind of health data?

It only collects the number of steps and distance walked via the Macadam APK. In the app's pedometer, they are displayed.

The number of steps taken is collected only for the purpose of displaying them in the app and exchanging them for points. Our company does not resell this data to third parties.

Get profits with the app

  • Your phone's step counter will be synced with Macadam via Apple Health shopping mode
  • Whether you walk or run, the app rewards you with corners for every step you take.
  • Our partners can help you earn real euros, or you can request a bank transfer to spend your earnings.

Features provided by Macadam APK

  • Measures steps, distance, and kilometers walked with a pedometer.
  • The calorie tracker shows how many calories you burned (KCALs)
  • Calculate your steps in euros with the step converter

Are there any data available on health or walking?

Our pedometer can be used to track both daily steps and caloric expenditure, as well as distance traveled.

We promise not to sell your data to anyone.

No GPS data is used by Macadam, and your battery is not affected.

With the Macadam pedometer, what currency can I earn?

It is possible to earn coins by using the app. With a few clicks, this currency can be converted into money (euros).

While coins are virtual currencies, they are not cryptocurrencies, and we are not a web3-based move-to-earn application.

Can I use it for running?

Sure, you can! With this app, running is a breeze.

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