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Micro Gesture Mod APK 5.7.0 Download for Android

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5.7.0 for Android
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Sep 16, 2023
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5.0 and up
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Micro Gesture Mod APK enables the Gyroscope to detect small gestures, significantly improving the user experience on large-screen phones.

The gadget itself can be used to manage the gadget, giving users more control over their gadgets. You can quickly perform an axis rotation based on standard defaults or self-defined conditions.

Your phone can be controlled and commands can be executed just by shaking it. When you move the phone, you can set it to perform a specific command, for example, opening an application, returning an application, opening a camera, or anything else you like. We will explore the features and specifications of this application with Discover, you can customize it within this application, and you can be prepared through vibrations only.

Features of Micro Gesture Mod APK

Customizable Actions

By using the app, users can customize the response of their phones to specific movements. It is virtually impossible to limit the possibilities when it comes to taking screenshots or opening applications.

Three-Axis Rotation

Navigation on Android is enhanced by the app's support for rotation along three axes, each devoted to a different function.

Motion Sensitivity Control

Choose between vibration or text feedback for added convenience. The gesture sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Multiple Gestures

The gestures can be defined with various rotations and rotation directions, each of which can be defined up to 12 times.

Built-in Actions

Micro Gesture Mod APK features a variety of built-in actions such as launching apps, toggling WiFi, and Bluetooth, and locking the screen.

Volume Key and Notification Trigger

Volume keys or specific notifications can be used to activate gestures, allowing you to control the device in a variety of ways.

App-Specific Customization

Ensure seamless interaction with specific apps by disabling or redefining gestures.

Flying Mouse Support

One-handed operation is made easy by simulating screen mouse movements.

Automation Scripts

Defining screen elements as trigger conditions allows you to create automation scripts for any application. In these scripts, actions are performed in a similar way to what a user might do.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Time and effort can be saved by using Micro Gesture on smartphones.
  • Customization: Gestures can be customized according to your needs and preferences.
  • Accessibility: Large-screen phones can now be navigated more easily using this app.
  • Automation: Advanced functionality can be achieved through automation scripts.
  • One-Handed Use: Smartphones can be operated one-handed in this case.


Que: Is Micro Gesture compatible with all smartphones?

Ans: The app is designed to work with smartphones equipped with gyroscopes, which are common in modern devices.

Que: Can I use Micro Gesture to automate tasks in third-party apps?

Ans: Yes, you can create automation scripts for any application, enhancing its functionality.

Que: How do I adjust motion sensitivity?

Ans: In the settings, you can fine-tune motion sensitivity to your liking.


Micro Gesture Mod APK is a game-changing application in an age where smartphones have become extensions of ourselves. A level of customization and automation that is unparalleled is provided, enabling users to control their devices effortlessly. It is one innovation that is helping to make smartphone experiences more seamless and efficient as the tech industry continues to evolve.

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