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Monster Hunter Now APK 60.3 Download for Android

App By:
Niantic, Inc.
60.3 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 16, 2023
95.3 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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It's a game that brings the fantasy of hunting monsters to life for anyone who's ever wanted to experience it firsthand.

The game adds a social element by letting players take on the most fierce monsters from around the world as a hunter teaming up with fellow players.

About Monster Hunter Now APK

The Monster Hunter franchise is coming to modern mobile devices through Monster Hunter Now, a free-to-play role-playing game. Players will be able to view mythical creatures and dragons using their device cameras.

A similar feature to previous Monster Hunter games is that players can hunt certain creatures together in the same area. Though it's not purely AR like Pokémon GO, boss encounters still feature fully generated stages.

Explore a Bestiary and an Arsenal

Monster Hunter Now is this year's new twist on the franchise. With the core gameplay remaining the same, the mechanics have been revamped for a more exciting experience. As you swipe a finger to knock down your monster, you are in for a high-octane 75-second showdown.

There will be 13 terrifying monsters available with Monster Hunter Now's global launch, including the Great Jagras and formidable Diablos. You will learn how to use six mighty weapons each with its own unique abilities. Sharpen your skills and prepare to wield one of the mighty weapons.

Join us on a journey of a lifetime

There is one intriguing feature called Group Hunt, which allows you to team up with players in close proximity to you. The only thing you have to do is choose teammates, accept the invitation, and unite to face the local monster. The game even lets you invite your friends to join you on a hunting expedition.

This isn't the end of the fun, though. The monsters in Monster Hunter Now APK for Android are not simply virtual - they spring to life in your very surroundings, and you must track them down and engage with them physically. You can conquer every environment either alone or with your fellow hunters, no matter whether it is a Forest, Desert, or Swamp.

With Adventure Sync, you can keep the hunt alive

Despite having your phone in your pocket, Monster Hunter Now keeps you entertained. Make your everyday routine an adventure by equipping your Palico with Paintballs and marking passing monsters.

Become the ultimate hunter by arming yourself

In the absence of weapons and armor, what is a Hunter? Your gear will need to be upgraded, upgraded, and upgraded to defeat specific monsters, from swords to shields to hammers and bows. Iron Ore & Monster Bone are valuable resources useful when crafting armor to withstand the fiercest attacks of monsters.

Become a member of the Global Hunter Community

Join a dynamic global community of Hunters ready to take on thrilling challenges with Monster Hunter Now APK. As ferocious monsters such as Rathalos and Diablos threaten us, we stand on the frontlines. The excitement never ends as new monsters are added on a regular basis.

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