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1.0.2 for Android
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Jan 25, 2023
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8.0 and up
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An action RPG in a three-dimensional environment is what Monster Universe is all about. There is no charge to play the story up until the end.

There is an island called Fort Lemuria in the story where "monsters" live in unknown numbers. Creating "monsters" with the main character "Fina" using the magical dragon Vorzark as a basis will take you on a journey to restore the legendary guardian dragon Vorzark.

In a vast field, players can make friends with monsters by pairing them with each other. A "breeding" feature lets you combine your friends' "monsters" to create new ones. 

Additionally, you can "breed" with a friend by putting one body out with another. The number of possible "monsters" is about 15,000, so you can choose your favorite. A deep training system allows you to grow "monsters" and fight together against even stronger enemies. The strong enemy waiting ahead of us is "Vorzark". Let's get there together.

You can fight together with monsters and defeat them as companions in this game, but you can also breed stronger monsters by breeding them.

You can play it on a game machine even though it is basically free; it offers a very rich play feeling. It can be played as game software, and you can play it on a game machine.

A monster-filled island awaits you on the stage

Fortremuria, an unexplored island where monsters live, is the stage of the "MONSTER UNIVERSE APK".

As soon as the island was discovered, a survey team was established by the World Government to protect the monsters, and pairs were gathered on the island to protect them.

10 years before the story began, Vorzark fought with Magna on the island and was fatally injured.

Vorzak appears before Fina, the six-year-old main character, and entrusts her with power. He then disappears after flying nine factors around the island.

Feena, 16, joined the investigation team after Vorzak disappeared ten years ago, trying to revive him to save the monsters from extinction resulting from Vorzak's disappearance. An overview of the work can be found here.

A wild monster bites Feena's head, but she doesn't care at all since she's so happy that she doesn't mind it.

Come on, let's engage a strong enemy in full force

MONSTER UNIVERSE APK features monsters with ferocious power and ferocious appearances. Combat monsters that are many times your size with your skills and techniques. As you control characters and make friends with "monsters," you'll experience exhilarating action.

Flick operations are at the core of the action!

Through pairing and fighting together, you can communicate with monsters in this piece.

As the character rides a paired monster and fights, the weapons he can equip change depending on the type of monster (the character and monster combinations can change).

Different types of weapons fire magic at different distances, from swords to spears with a long reach. An orthodox sword fires magic at close range, while a spear-shaped weapon fires magic at a distance.

Basic operations consist of moving on the left side of the screen and tapping the screen to perform attacks. As there are no buttons for operation, this also leads to a refreshing of the screen.

A very unique feature of this work is the flick operation. By flicking left or right on the screen, you activate an evasive action or a special attack.

Make your monsters stronger by mating them together!

When Feena defeats some monsters, she and the other members of the investigation team can become friends.

It is possible to teach an ability called Hearts to paired monsters, which increases their attack power. We need to actively teach hearts to monsters if we want them to be activated.

Heart slots are located on the monster side, and the type and number of slots will determine which hearts can be learned.

It is fixed to possess hearts, but monsters possess random parameters and heart slots.

You may be surprised by the unexpected results if you raise monsters who are completely different from their parents.

It seems that the volume is not basic play free.

There are no quests or other restrictions in search mode, and you can befriend monsters in various places regardless of quests or other restrictions.

Depending on the time of day, different paths appear even within the same place, so examining the map seems like a lot of fun.

The exploration process will also lead to special individuals, such as three-year beasts, ten-year beasts, or even millennium beasts, that will appear in dungeons across the world.

An individual with a large number associated with his/her name has an enormous body and a greater ability. It is tough to defeat them, but if you do, you may be able to pair them with powerful monsters.

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