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Now Zenly APK 5.9.1 Download for Android

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5.9.1 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 08, 2023
167.1 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Location sharing app Now Zenly APK provides a unique experience. It provided friends with an interactive map so they could see and communicate their location easily. In comparison to its competitors, Zenly was distinguished by its emphasis on the map. 

Zenly quickly became one of the top 10 social apps for IOS and Android with the addition of Share Your World, in-app messaging, and customizable maps with favorite places. 

With a little fun, you can find your friends

Put an end to the endless texts asking friends “where are you?” and meet up already. In Zenly, you can see what friends are doing instantly, bringing people together in real life. You decide who gets access to your location and it won't drain your battery, unlike other apps.

Using Zenly's interactive map, you can see where friends are and follow their directions to meet up - all without having to leave the app. Using their "Footprints" feature, you can see all the places you've been to in the form of disappearing fog. The Top Explorers can track their uncharted territories with their friends and see trips they've already taken or places they've stayed.

You can send animated emojis, message to meet up, suggest nearby hangouts, bump to let other friends know you're getting together, or see when a friend's battery is running out so you can powerwalk to meet up with them. The colorful app design and cartoonish interaction make Zenly's map itself engaging.

What is the reason for Zenly's shutdown?

Snap has decided to shut down Zenly despite it having over 40 million active users. 

People in European and Asian countries are shocked by the move, as the app is one of the most popular social applications. For Zenly employees who work internally, the decision to close the company wasn't shocking. Approximately 20% of Snap's employees will be laying off.

In spite of Zenly's popularity among users, the app had not been able to monetize its large user base. Snap discontinued Zenly in order to focus on its other products such as Snapchat without being able to generate meaningful profits. 

Make friends aware of your location

Now Zenly APK has begun to cease operations and close the app, and users should consider using other location sharing apps with friends in the meantime. Users have downloaded one alternative that has seen a significant spike in popularity. 

In the same way that Zenly does, this app allows users to share locations on a dynamic map with friends and family. Despite its location sharing features, zenly also has several other features, such as:

  • Notifications about places
  • Location history
  • Smart notifications
  • Bubbles
  • SOS with emergency dispatch
  • Connection with Tile Bluetooth trackers

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