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Phasmophobia APK 0.1 Download for Android

App By:
Kinetic Games C.
0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 11, 2023
88 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up

As a paranormal investigator, you and your team will explore haunted locations filled with paranormal activity and gather evidence as you can in Phasmophobia APK, an online co-op psychological horror game. The ghost-hunting equipment you have will be used to find and record evidence of any ghosts haunting the location so that the ghost removal team can remove them from the location.

As a first-person survival game, Phasmophobia explores horror from a first-person perspective. Identifies the type of ghost haunting a specified site by working alone or in a group with three other players. Via walkie-talkies or local voice chat, players can communicate locally and globally. 

The ghost in this game is capable of understanding keywords and phrases by using speech recognition technology. Level up, unlock maps, and earn money by completing objectives and gathering evidence. 

The game features 24 ghost characters, each of whom reveals a unique clue and behaves differently. Each ghost type will be randomly assigned to the mission once the team arrives at the site. Certain events and circumstances will affect the rate at which sanity drains as players attempt to complete the contract. A ghost will hunt the players when their sanity drops too low. As all exit doors are locked during the hunting phase, players must outrun the ghost or hide from it until the hunt is over. It is possible for ghost types to hunt with higher or lower sanity depending on their strengths and weaknesses.


The ghost will be listed on the Objective Board as well as the name of the player when the players enter the Van. There will also be the equipment they selected and another whiteboard where the objectives they need to complete are listed. Besides the Surveillance Computer, the Sanity Monitor, the map of the current site, the Sound Sensor Screen, and the Site Activity Monitor, this area houses other tracking devices. An update in June 2022 overhauled the van and placed all the equipment inside it to track player and ghost activity. To leave, players must return to the Van when they have reached the end of their objectives (or have decided to give up). Furthermore, players will be able to access a journal that contains information about ghosts, evidence, and photographs at any time. To receive money for buying more equipment, you must mark evidence and ghost identifications in the Journal.

This game features the following features:

An enchanted experience

A truly mesmeric experience will be ensured with superb graphics and sounds, as well as a minimal user interface.

A multiplayer co-op game in real time

The key to success in the co-op horror game is teamwork, so bring your friends and play together.

There are several types of ghosts

Every investigation will be different because there are 24 different types of Ghosts, all with their own unique traits.

Analyze the situation

In order to find clues and gather paranormal evidence, use tools like EMF Readers, Spirit Boxes, Thermometers, and Night Vision Cameras.

Recognizing audio from a speech

Listen to what the ghosts are saying on your phone! A Spirit Box can be used to record your own EVP Sessions or Ouija Boards for communicating with Ghosts.

In multiplayer mode

Up to four players can participate in a multiplayer mode to investigate a haunted location. The player has to communicate with each other to be effective in multiplayer mode, just like in single-player mode. Players may not always be on the same page in this mode, which makes it frustrating for those wanting to play with friends. As players work together in the game, they investigate haunted places, gather evidence, and discover what type of ghost is haunting the locations. Phasmophobia APK can be played online for free with four players and is a 4 player co-op game.

A repeatable experience

Several haunted locations are available for investigation, and different ghosts are encountered throughout the game. In addition, game can also be played for free in various game modes, including survival mode, which challenges players to survive in haunted locations for as long as possible. Finished in a few hours, this game is pretty short. That said, there are some things that can be replayed. Whenever a player investigates the paranormal, Phasmophobia never gets boring. Multiplayer mode can be quite fun with different ghosts and environments. First-person horror fans should definitely pick it up since it's also pretty inexpensive.

Does Phasmophobia sound interesting to me?

In the game, gamers can experience an immersive horror experience. In addition to voice integration, realistic graphics, and co-player support, this game also has voice integration. In this horror game, four players work together to gather evidence of a ghostly presence at haunted locations. 

A spirit box, an EMF reader, a thermometer, a motion sensor, and more are all provided to the player in order to accomplish this. In order to continue your mission, you will need to collect more evidence. After you've collected the necessary evidence, you can sell it to ghost removal teams. 

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